Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"The Last Twenty Years"

My friend Kris tagged me and this is my last twenty years:

"20 Years Ago" (or was it yesterday?)

1988 - I had a two year old, a six year old, and an eight year old and we had just completed our second year of being in business for ourselves (without touching savings!!) and celebrated by buying a boat. (And we still have the old Bayliner Babe)

We were living in a great neighborhood in Chino. One of the greatest things about living in Chino was being so close to Vince's Spaghetti and feeding the family on a mere $5.96. That dinner included salad, soup, spaghetti, and garlic bread. We had to spring for our own ice cream. Sean's first food was Vince's spaghetti.

Friends we met there we still see.

"15 Years Ago"

1993 - We lived in Riverside in a house we considered "practically perfect in every way". The kids were 7, 11, and a deathly 13. The girls had become involved in Corona Girls Softball and we met the Grover's (Kris picked me up in Target and life has never been the same). Sean was playing soccer and I always dreaded when they put him in as goalie because he would get bored and get caught in the net as the ball was coming towards him.

This is the year we bought our motor home (We still have the Winnebago Wench) because I told Kevin we would stay in this "perfect" house forever if we bought the motor home. Other than camping, our favorite thing to do in the motor home was go to Dairy Queen and have chocolate dipped cones.

Oops, sorry Kevin, we're moving to Corona!!

"10 Years Ago"

1998 - Stacy graduated high school, barely, Kristi was being recruited to play Division 1 Volleyball, and Sean had moved on to baseball (to Kevin's glee!!). Kevin and I had been talking about going to Hawaii, but alas we did not go this year.

A few years back we had begun the long renovation of our now "perfect house" (that we will never move from ;) which included but not limited to: pool, concrete, arbors, gazebo, fountains, driveways, batting cages (to Kevin's glee), patio covers, walkways, steps, planters, trees and shrubs, block walls, porch, new garage with weather vane, wrought iron fences, and my personal favorite, grass - with sprinkler system, and that doesn't even include the inside. All in all, we do love our "perfect" home.

"5 Years Ago"

2003 - Stacy had moved to Oklahoma, Kristi had deserted us also and gone to play volleyball in Kentucky, and Sean was a junior in high school and an only child at last (He was loving life).

We have not moved yet! We were feeling the first stages of what it would feel like to be empty nesters. I had heard horror stories of how lonely we would be but alas, it wasn't too bad ;)

"3 Years Ago"

2005 - Stacy married her Oklahoma sweetie James and decided to make her home where the corn is as high as an elephant's eye. Kristi had returned to Corona to work for our ever so successful business which is still going strong after all this time, thanks to Kevin. Sean started his first year at RCC playing baseball. (to Kevin's glee).

Oops, sorry Kevin, we are buying 5 acres in Riverside to build our "perfect" house on. At least the avocado harvest is helping to put Sean through college.

Kevin and I took our first trip to Hawaii, Maui to be exact. It was like the honeymoon we never had. Maui is truly the most romantic place I have ever been to.

October of this the year I lost my dad to liver cancer, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer the next day. Kris and I were in the process of a massive weight loss and we would run and have therapy sessions every morning. During radiation I ran every morning and Kris was there. I know towards the end of the radiation I was doing no more than a spirited walk but Kris never let me think I was doing anything but running my heart out. It got me through and I thank her. And while I was running for my sanity, Kevin was building for his. His therapy was to build a beautiful 1700 square foot garage on the property in Riverside. He does good work when he's worried.

"2 Years Ago"

2006 - Stacy was trying to convince James to have a baby. James wanted nothing to do with it. Kristi - listening to Stacy decided to have a baby, oh yeah, and decided to marry Tim. We had a beautiful wedding in our "perfect" backyard (in Corona, not Riverside) on the "perfect" summer evening. Kristi gave birth to a "perfect" daughter, Riley, in December, and my first grandchild was born. What a blessing.

Sean started at Cal Baptist playing baseball (to Kevin's glee). He also moved out into his own apartment. Who knew Sean was so neat and kept the perfect apartment. His apartment reflected his personality "perfectly". Kevin and I were truly empty nesters.

Kevin and I, took our second trip to Hawaii. The island of Kauai. We challenged ourselves to hikes I would never dream I could do, and Kevin even swung from a rope off a 30 foot cliff into a pond. We were reliving our youth.

"Last Year"

2007 - Stacy finally convinced James to have a baby, and they welcomed their "perfect" daughter into the world in November. I flew to Oklahoma on Thanksgiving Day (tough way to get out of cooking) and we had our Thanksgiving dinner at the Cracker Barrel. Next day we headed to the hospital and after a rough start my second "perfect" granddaughter Isabella was born. Sean spent the summer in Hawaii playing baseball (to Kevin's glee) and Kevin and I went to see him there. This time we were on Oahu. Wasn't as romantic with the boy but beautiful all the same. Christmas we spent in Arizona with my brothers family. Stacy, James and Isabella flew in from Oklahoma, the California clan drove over in the Winnebago Wench and we were all together. "Perfect"

"This year"

2008 - Kristi is pregnant with granddaughter #3, Sean has been playing baseball in Wyoming for the summer (to Kevin's glee) and will be back this weekend. He will be looking for an apartment and getting ready to go back to school. Stacy and James are flipping houses in Oklahoma. Riley and Isabella are growing like weeds. I went to Chicago with my Bunco girlfriends, I went to Wyoming with Kevin to see Sean play. Kevin and I went to Twin Lakes outside of Bridgeport to fish with my favorite uncle Frank and Laurie (I caught a bigger fish then he did) and we are planning a trip to Hawaii in September. This time Kevin and I will be going to the big island of "Hawaii"


I ran this morning. I relaxed from the hard weekend of swimming and playing, at work of course. I talked to Stacy, Kris and Peggy on the phone and ate leftovers for dinner while watching my TVO. It was wonderful.


I worked and will be getting ready to visit Stacy in Oklahoma. I will leave on Thursday and I can't wait. I ran this morning because I still need to lose 15 pounds before Hawaii in September. Help!!!!!!!!!


I will count the blessings of my "perfect" life, and be thankful for the family and friends in it!

Kristi - you haven't lived nearly long enough, but consider yourself tagged.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And all too soon it was time to come home.
It was our best trip to Twin Lakes so far.

Last morning of fishing.
Wasn't it beautiful?

Frank and Kevin

Kevin and I, we were

getting ready to cook our trout. Mine was the biggest.

Ha ha

After a day of fishing we had

a great dinner at Frank and Lauries

cabin. Check out the view of the
lake from the front door of the cabin.

Twin Lakes

We did catch some fish and had a wonderful dinner.

We had a
wee bit of
rain on our
first morning

After opening a beverage,
we proceeded to set up camp
while enjoying a beautiful
view of the lake.

Kevin and I went on our annual
trip with FU and Laurie to Twin
Lakes/Bridgeport last week and
as usual made our first stop on
the way at Schats Bakery in

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Rushs

Kristi did a baby shower over the weekend and made this darling cake for a baby boy. The theme was stars. I thought it turned out sooooo cute.

The Rushs

Really we don't serve vodka at the office, but sometimes you need a little something to get through the day.

The Rushs

Kristi in a weak moment decided I could take a picture of her bump. New baby girl is due October 27th. She looks pretty good don't you think?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friends & Family

Today I enjoyed a delightful lunch
with my good friends--
Kris, Viki, Lynn and Donna
in Donna's beautiful home.
Thank you ladies and Donna
thank you for having us.

The Rushs

This is Riley Rush, she enjoys
warm baths, dancing to the
Backyardigans, and
lolipops. She has just begun
to get excited about talking
and can say "Grandma" (kind of)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Kevin and I visited Sean for the 4th of July in Fort Collins,
Colorado. Sean is playing baseball this summer in
Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Sean and Kevin at Lake Estes, Colorado.

Sean getting ready to to bat.

Sean #27 at 1st Base is a Cheyenne Grizzlie.

The Rushs

Riley making her first basket with the help of Pop Pop and Daddy.

The Vanderheidens

This picture is from my last visit to Okalahoma. Isabella has asked me to come out again because she is now crawling, pulling herself up and trying to talk.
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