Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There's a New Man in Town


I love to pull out my scary
(or not)
Halloween decorations. 
These days I get a little lazy, but
my bunco girls force me
to pull out my treasures each year, just
in the nick of time for our Halloween Bunco.
We usually have a potluck dinner and I get to set the table in anticipation of our annual fun.

I usually send out an invitation poem, so I shall share
this with all of my
Tablescape Thursday goulie friends guests.

Greetings dear witches, which I am so fond
 Esoryram wishes to once again bond

As the Twilight of Halloween quickly approaches,
I shall be decorating with bats, vampires and roaches

I’m not requiring costumes or pets, that’s so immature.
You will be most disappointed, of that I am sure

Let me know what you are conjuring in your
cauldrons to bring.
And be sure to add my favorites like eye of newt or pickled bat wing.

Please come dressed with your usual festive and sexy flair
For I have some surprises, I am wanting to share

The table is set, you’ll be anxious to feed,
I will have a little something you will surely need.

I anticipate your arrival, I can hardly wait
And as usual I urge you, DO NOT be late.

I leave you now upon the breaking dawn
And will be seeing you before the new moon is gone.

So as not to eclipse our upcoming fun,
Take my advice and stay out of the sun.

This year I am enjoying a new guest, my new man!
Very Silver...and sparkley

I used alot of skeletal parts and the table
is done mostly in black, white and silver...

I found these cool spiders to add to my napkin ring

Do you think they will be too scary?

No, they are too cute.

Speaking of cute.... here is part of my man's brother ...
he sporting some major bling

Here's a close up of my man

and from his good side

These are cute glasses I bought several years ago, each
one has a different design


"Haunted House"

"Black Cat"

and of course my "Special" Witch Martini Glass

It was a fun table to do

Now all we need are the guests and the food

Here is the sideboard in keeping with my theme

Care to join us....there's always room for one more.

Be sure to head back to Susan's Tablescape Thursday...
thanks for joining me.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Goulie Preview

I don't know about anyone else,
but posting to my blog has been a major undertaking.

Between updates and the re-configuration
of picasa web albums, it appears I am "Out in of Space."
and I don't mean like Star Wars. 

Hmmmm, maybe it's because picasa has
duplicated every picture I have in my albums to
take up my available space and
wants me to PAY for more.  Hmmmm????

Oh well, this is going to force me to organize,
print and back up my photos. 
As Martha says...this is a Good Thing.

My new Favorite Things...

Halloween is quickly approaching
and I wanted to share my new Halloween wreath. 
I loved the bling. 
The funny thing about this wreath
is everyone tells me how pretty it is. 
The funny part of that? 
It's comprised of a
Very Pretty?
No, Very SPOOKY!!

Here's a close up of all the bling.
I got it in a great shop downtown.

My other new favorite is my witch sign.
She is not very attractive but I do love her.
Now she is very scarey, don't you think?

So Beware, my blog may be
taken over by Halloween Haunts very

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunsets, Sunsets, Sunsets

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday!
It has been awhile since I have gotton to play, so
I am very excited to be back.

I am sharing our last sunset from our
recent trip to Maui.  Maui sunsets are amazing, and
no matter how many pictures you take of them,
it never really captures the true beauty.  I think
it's because you're missing the sound of the waves,
and the warm tropical air that surrounds you
like a warm blanket.

Kevin and I love Hawaii and wherever we are
or whatever we're doing we always stop and watch the sunset.

The last sunset of the trip is always the sadest.

We saw 2 romantic weddings on the beach that night.

as the sun was going down

As the sun set on the last night we reflected on our great trip...


and of course planned the date of our next trip
back.... maybe May?
Good bye to the sun...good bye to the beach...

good bye to feet in the sand...

good bye to the palm trees swaying in the breeze ...

and good bye to these really cool chairs we bought on the first
day....(and matching umbrella)  They will be missed!!

Thanks for visiting, be sure to visit Susan at
more Outdoor fun.

not really good bye, just

The Arizona Kiefer's

Arizona Week End

This past weekend I visited the Arizona Kiefers with Sean.
We left Thursday night to be there bright and early Friday morning.
We ended up getting an earlier start than we expected and the trip
was smooth sailing,
so we were able to visit Thursday night.  My sister in law
had a beverage waiting for me as we pulled up in the driveway. 
Gotta love a sister in law like that.

Friday morning we headed out to Phoenix for volleyball.
I spent a lot of years in the gym for volleyball
when my girls were playing and this brought back some great memories.
I remember the thrill of watching and the angst of being the parent.
It was much more relaxing watching as the auntie.
It hasn't changed much. The girls are all still pony tailed and cute.

Kasey reminds me so much of Kristi when
I watch her play even though Kasey is
not a setter and a little shorter.

Bad lighting in the gym, so I didn't take many pics and when
we moved gyms (with better lighting) I forgot
my are not so good.

I'll give you something to compare.  Kristi at about the same age or
a year older.  Same intensity.

In between games we snuck out to Hobby Lobby.  It's
 that time again,  Festival of the Trees, and
Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite places to shop for it.
I wish we had a few HL, or even one in CA.  I may be
getting my wish, they are planning a few stores here very soon.

Stay tuned for a preview of my tree for this year.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dancing with the Girls

DWTS Party - Season 11

I am a fan of DWTS.  
 I am a late bloomer in the
the land of Dancing Fans...but have become a 
Devoted Fan.  
My daughter Kristi and
I decided it was just too much fun to keep our enthusiasm
to ourselves, so we decided to have
our second DWTS party. 
Since our party participants have expanded, it was
necessary to move the party to my house.

On Monday night, for the admission price of 1 appetizer,
we served Makstinis, ate delicious appetizers and watched.....

Our mirror ball was in place

and we rolled out the red carpet...

and prepared for our Stars...

V.I.P.'s only of course

We had a great time, and everyone shared
their favorites...and least favorite dancers. 
We had a lot to say about the various performances.
Did anyone have an opinion on Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke?
We did!!!
The "Situation" was also a major topic of conversation.

We sipped our Makstinis (since Maks is one of my favorites) 
and enjoyed an assortment of appetizers...
Kurt Warner tacos, and The Situation Pork Balls,
to mention two of the more creatively named ones.
Kristi made us pumpkin spice cupcakes
with a delicious cream cheese frosting.

What I wasn't expecting was how funny and creative these ladies are. 
We had our own judges table
(because we, and Michael Bolton are not always
in agreement with the Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno)
 They rose to the occassion, were extremely accurate
and kept us laughing.

So here are Carrie Ann (Sheryl) Len (Rosemary) and Bruno (Julia)
colorfully critiqued the Dancers

and here Carrie Ann (Tammie) is thoroughly giving her evaluation....

but Len (Katina) pointed out
that she was not watching very closely
because she was too busy doodling a pic
of Margaret Choo.

and of course Bruno (Laurie) was not to be out done

Overall they did manage to give us their scores.

Peggy and a friend

and our pool. 

Who do you think will win this Season?
Poor Delores is already out.  She had Margaret Cho, who
was eliminated last night.

What does all of this mean?  We will be having a finale
party....  Put it on
your calender, it's a date.
Enjoy the show.

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