Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Brother

Today is my Baby Brothers Birthday... I remember the day my parents brought the little beast home.
Actually it was a pretty good day because along with a baby brother
I got a lovely yellow hula hoop. Remember those?

This picture was Easter of 1961 on Long Island, New York...and Tommy, you haven't changed a bit.
Happy Birthday!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dinner out?

While talking to a friend this afternoon, about how she and her husband always use Friday night as "Date Night"
I got to thinking. I wanted a date night.
She told me a about several places they go where they can sit
outside and enjoy the beautiful evening,
the food, the view and each others company
So when I got home I went outside, the evening was warm and hubby had a beverage waiting for me.
I eagerly suggested to hubby that maybe
we should go out for dinner and enjoy the atmosphere
of a local restaurant.
As the time went on hubby pointed out the lovely
atmosphere we had been experiencing in our own backyard,
and he thought it was better
than any restaurant we could have gone to.
So we went a step further,
I made a quick salad and he ran a block away to our favorite
sushi place and brought back a few items, and we had a lovely poolside dinner.

I wish I had used my flash because you can't really see the lovely view we had from the table.

Seared ahi poke and Ryan wrap

Good to the last drop
We even pulled out chopsticks we had bought in Kauai several
years ago.

The reflection from the paper lanterns and twinkle lights

were dancing on the pool.

I would say "Date Night" was a huge success.

Friday, August 28, 2009

D-Day at the Kelley's

D is for Diana

Well after an entire weekend of carrying, cleaning, organizing and stuffing we have moved my mom into our house. Mom has been needing a little TLC lately so we have all decided she should join us in our home as well as spending some time with my brother and his family in Arizona.
This will be nice for not only her but for the AZ Grand kids. Kasey starts volleyball and Ryan starts swimming and we all know how BaBa loves her sports. She is very anxious to see them compete.

Big thanks to Kevin and Sean for all they have done.
Mom has been non stop working on her room and I think she is enjoying it. She picked Kristi's old room because she says it has the best view .... Sean says it is the coolest.

I think she made the right choice... I just wish it was bigger for her.

Here are some before pics and tomorrow I will post some afters.

Sean, hanging a new blind and curtains.

Out with the Old and in with the New.

I guess this means I have to empty the closet of all my
tablecloths and napkins... where is a tablescaper to keep her tools?

Notice the priorities... we must get the TV in first.

After pics to follow..............

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't cry over spilled cake...

Can you spill cake...?

My mom hosted her bunco on Wednesday night, and after much planning and preparation we encountered a dilemma. She chose as her gifts pedestaled cake plates and Kristi (Yoursugarrush) was commissioned to make cupcakes of white cake with white chocolate chips frosted in butter cream. My mom was going to place one cute little boxed cupcake on each of the pedestaled plates. The ladies that did not win would go home with a cupcake... and everyone would be a winner.

On her way over Kristi realized she had left her wallet on the roof of her car. Quickly turning to retrace her steps, Madison's car seat went flying, along with the cupcakes. Kristi was distraught.

Well the story did have a happy ending... Madison was fine, and Kristi found her wallet. The cupcakes however were not so lucky.

Hard to believe these were lovely cupcakes isn't it?

It was like one big lump of cupcakes.

But our ladies love their cupcakes... so Kristi
salvaged a few for eating and bunco went on almost as planned.

These cupcakes were not the prettiest that YourSugarRush ever made but
they sure were delicious.

and yes Madison was fine

Add Image and I think she even got a cupcake.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Did you see?

(this pics for you Kristi)
Dancing with the stars has announced a new cast. Oh goody, I can't wait for the next season. I don't know how it can top last season but it will be fun to watch. Here is the new cast:

Kathy Ireland

Macy Gray

Melissa Joan Hart
Aaron Carter

Ashley Hamilton (son of George Hamilton)

Chuck Liddell

Debi Mazur

Donny Osmund

Joanna Krupa

Kelly Osborne

Louie Vito

Mark Dacascos

Michael Irvin


Natalie Coughlin

Tom Delay

Premiere September 21st ... see you there with bells on :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dragonflies and Butterflies

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday
I feel like it has been forever since I have participated in one of my most
favorite weekly events.
Tablescape Thursday is hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.
Be sure to visit her because she will quickly become one of your "favorites"

This week I did an insect inspired table. Actually I was selective with
my insects and limited them to dragonflies and butterflies.
My inspiration came from a set of 4 square dragonfly salad plates I picked up a few
weeks ago at Target on clearance, paired with aqua stemware etched with
dragonflies that I bought at HomeGoods.

Dragonfly etched stemware... love
the color and the etching. I am a sucker for anything aqua.

Here is a closeup of the dragonfly salad plates, aren't they cute? I started with a square floral tablecloth, layered a ball fringed place mat, layered with a woven crazy colored place mat.

I used my favorite chargers, a simple Tracy Porter rope edged dinner plate, and

my dragonfly salad plate, placed on the diagonal.

I put old iron, garden stakes in my flower arrangements. One butterfly and one dragonfly.

My lantern has a butterfly motif on each side, and I put
a magnolia and aqua ribbon on top.

The votive candle holders also have a butterfly motif.

This is the fabric I used for my kitchen curtains and I love it.
The colors are so fun and rich.

Another view

The candles are lit but it is still a little light outside.

I also laid a string of dragonfly lights down the center of the table.
One of them landed on the corner of the salad plate.

and that's about it for me.....

Thanks for stopping by

and I hope you come back very soon. I do enjoy our visits and comments.

Now back to Susan's

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday - Big Bear Adventure

Happy Outdoor Wednesday

hosted by the lovely and talented Susan at A Southern Daydreamer

Big Bear Lake
Food, Friends and Fun

Big Bear Lake is a unique mountain resort community located 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles and surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest. About 21,000 residents make their home here full-time.Altitude ranges from 6,750 to 9,000 feet. There are over 300 days of sunshine each year. Summer temperatures average around 80 degrees during the day, and 45 degrees at night. Winter brings about 100 inches of snowfall, and temperatures which average in the low 40's during the day, and mid 20's at night.

On Friday hubby and I joined good friends Kris and Greg at their mountain cabin getaway. What a treat for us with all that has been going on in our lives. Kris welcomed us with open arms into their mountain home.

We relaxingly had a beverage and went out to a delicious barbecue dinner with a view of the lake.

Greg and Kris

The next morning the menfolk went fishing and Kris and I had
coffee on the deck We had a few visitors. Kris has some peanuts she shares with
Feathered friend

They were shy at first but the temptation of the peanuts was too much.

Then we headed over to Holloway's for a delicious breakfast
made by Ron and Sue. What a treat to have breakfast cooked for us.
Boy was it delicious as you can see.

This is the entrance to the campground and marina

The boat house
and off for a boat ride.....

These are a couple of lake houses we saw from our boat.

Not too shabby huh?

This is one of Kris' favorite and I think I agree

It is so welcoming and pristine

and then to the task at hand .... some trout fishing ...

Kris had the perfect spot at the bow right before sunset ...

Kevin preparing to catch the big one.

King of the world

It was such a glorious evening even though we didn't catch any

fish. We went from the water to a delicious dinner of hamburgers and fresh

trout prepared again by Ron and Sue. I didn't get any pictures of dinner but if you

want to see some you can go to Kris' blog

Glow of the sunset

Next morning I headed out for more fishing with the menfolk. It
was a beautiful sunrise on the lake

Greg our captain took us to a secret fishing spot

Kevin, doing what he loves most .... fishing and being on the water ...

Ron just having a good time.

Little known fact about Big Bear Lake

They have pirates so beware. We came across some swashbucklers, but don't worry
we came to no harm mateys.

On the open seas
we came upon a pirate ship .....

They run the ship from the movie "Time Bandits" on the lake

and it was fun to see

and of course when you are with pirates you adopt the pirate ways.

Proud to be an American, love beer and stay to the pirate code....

Thanks to our perfect hosts Kris and Greg for a great trip on Big Bear Lake.

Thanks for stopping by ... now back to Susan's for more Outdoor fun.

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