Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dinner out?

While talking to a friend this afternoon, about how she and her husband always use Friday night as "Date Night"
I got to thinking. I wanted a date night.
She told me a about several places they go where they can sit
outside and enjoy the beautiful evening,
the food, the view and each others company
So when I got home I went outside, the evening was warm and hubby had a beverage waiting for me.
I eagerly suggested to hubby that maybe
we should go out for dinner and enjoy the atmosphere
of a local restaurant.
As the time went on hubby pointed out the lovely
atmosphere we had been experiencing in our own backyard,
and he thought it was better
than any restaurant we could have gone to.
So we went a step further,
I made a quick salad and he ran a block away to our favorite
sushi place and brought back a few items, and we had a lovely poolside dinner.

I wish I had used my flash because you can't really see the lovely view we had from the table.

Seared ahi poke and Ryan wrap

Good to the last drop
We even pulled out chopsticks we had bought in Kauai several
years ago.

The reflection from the paper lanterns and twinkle lights

were dancing on the pool.

I would say "Date Night" was a huge success.

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