Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A lovely set of carrots .... for Tabletop Tuesday

Do you remember the lovely set of carrots
that Kris has?
(did that come out right)
She had a lovely set of carrots that I commented on a while back,
I actually said she should have a giveaway that I could win.
Well I won!
Well I didn't win, she gave them to me.
I had a dinner party on Saturday and I received them as a hostess gift.
Lucky me,
I didn't even have to bribe Mr. Sweet Life
(like that every works)

Kris is a very accomplished quilter,
lucky for me!

I can hear Martha and Melvins conversation now....

Hey Martha, get a load of these carrots...
those are some nice lookin carrots.

Well Melvin, I do declare,
those are the biggest carrots I have ever seen.

Let's eat!

Thanks Kris....I love them.

join her party.
Thanks Marty, this is my first time...and like
  Alice's white rabbit...I'm late!!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Dancing with the Girls

Here I am, sitting on Kristi's sofa, waiting
patiently for another night of DWTS. 
 I have a lovely beverage, all is quiet in the
upper regions, Kristi is STILL working upstairs
(doesn't she know she has company?)
Baba is napping in the corner and I am all alone...
just me and Maks. 
He is standing in front of me doing a
 little practice stretching and dancing...oh my. 
What?  Kristi is that you, I was dozing? 
Well a girl has to dream, don't ya think? 
I'm just saying .... enjoy the show.

Happy Birthday Dear Friend

Last year on my friend Kris' birthday I wrote
her a 1 minute poem.  So in keeping with
tradition....here goes

"Happy Birthday Dear Friend"

Kris, it is here, today is the day
And I hope your dear family will sweep you away

I hope you get flowers, presents, perhaps some cologne
To help you celebrate this amazing milestone

Kris is talented and funny and I hold her so dear
I think I may love her as much as I do beer

We have shared great memories year after year
But this turning 50 is a whole new frontier

Since I arrived first, I will show you the ropes
And the next 50 years will be full of new hopes

Hopes for us to share as much time as we can
Remember those resolutions, we must make a plan

Be happy and celebrate your very special day
And remember I am always available to play.

Happy Birthday to you
and many more!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Breakfast for one .....?

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday

Breakfast for one?
The reason for the question you ask?
By the time I was done with this post it was
a breakfast for 6.

I have a small bistro table for two outside of my diningroom
that I set for one, in lavenders and greens.
I used this runner made up of lavender and green chenille
(I love chenille)
and ball fringe.  It is so soft and cuddly.
My little honey bunny joined me too.

I also used a spring placesetting.
A little chick has been running around this small plate
and leaving chicken scratch all over it.
Don't you love this polka dotted bowl?

I don't think you can see the little chicken scratch prints in this picture.  They look like little dots on the left side of the plate.

I also enjoyed spiced, pumpkin, apple muffins.  This is a WW
recipe that I make often.

It was so quiet and peaceful, with my coffee
and juice

and I had a lovely view of the yard.
I spent alot of time planting this past weekend
but I still have alot of cleanup to do. 

My mom decided to join me, and then my daughter and two granddaughters showed up for a muffin or two. 
Then my mother in law dropped by for a cup
of coffee, a muffin and a walk through the yard.

So my quiet little breakfast for one,
turned into a lovely visit
with my family.
My daughter took this fun pic of the ball fringe hanging
from my table.

Thanks for visiting....I hope by the time the day is over
I have had many
more visitors to share breakfast with me, remember
the muffins are easy on the hips so have two.
Welcome and come back anytime.

Be sure to visit the other participants,
you will be happy you did.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Future Playground? ....you decide ...

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday  
Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Since we are always so short of time at our house,
I decided to have a casual brunch for Kevin's
birthday this year.
Brunch is always fun, because the little
ones are fresh, and we can enjoy each other
in the morning and everyone can still
have their family time in the afternoon.
 I set a simple table outside by the pool,
the weather was glorious and everyone
came hungry.

Coffee and Juice

and a new twist to an old dish.  We sliced
avocados from the grove and served them
with our brunch casserole, I highly recommend this.

We added low cal (not really) cinnamon rolls and pastries,
an assortment of fruit (which included strawberries
blackberries, raspberries and blueberries) to our menu. 
The berries were so good.

After we ate the grand girls decided they wanted to play on the playground.  (I didn't even know we had a playground)

Years ago Sean and Kevin had built this fort/swingset.
Kevin decided it was time to rebuild it for the grand-girls.
The girls think it is a great idea, (actually they think it is just perfect the way it is) 
they don’t know that as it sits it is an accident
waiting to happen.
I think Pop Pop will be very motivated
to get going on it as soon as he can, after their reaction to it.
So they hopped into their ride and headed to
the "playground" (or junkyard...)

  Kevin may have to quit his day job and become
the "wheelbarrow ride man"  or maybe
Pop Pop's wild ride....since Riley says he is not
a man, he is a Pop Pop.

Whatever he calls his new business, it just looks like FUN to me.

We finally arrived at our destination

Oh my, this set has seen better days.  I didn't realize
how beat up it was.

However, the girls thought it was wonderful.

Broken ladder and all....

I know Kevin has a vision...but I am not sure
the rest of us see it yet.
Stay tuned, and hopefully I can post the new and improved
fort/swingset/slide/ extravaganza....

in the meantime, things have been a bloomin here...




And an assortment in my urns with
some seasonal favorites.

Happy Outdoor Wednesday

hosted by Susan at
A Southern Daydreamer

Monday, March 22, 2010

Planting 101

Yes, Spring is definitely in the air. 
When the weather turns warm,
 and the birds begin to sing to you, 
the natural thing to do is
plant, plant, plant.
On Saturday, after a trip to the nursery,
I was prepared to do just that.. with a little twist. 
Now, I know that all of the people in blogland are master gardeners and have no need for Planting 101, but I do think there are a few
techniques that you may not have heard of.
Master Gardener, Riley came
over with a few helpful hints.

Always have the proper tools.  It is essential
to have a pair of "good fitting" gloves.
MG Riley suggests only using one
glove, and suggests you put this glove on the hand
that you do not use. 
Use the ungloved hand when
touching the soil....become one with the dirt.

Always carry a flashlight when gardening.  The
color is not important, but MG Riley always
prefers blue as her color of choice.

The flashlight has several uses.  For example: 
 Checking to see if the plants have been
put in their proper places.

and always have a battery back up...the flashlight
can double, in case you don't have enough natural light
you can always use your tool to help your garden grow.


Be aware of your surroundings...be suspicious
of open bags, until you realize what is inside.

A good bag of potting soil can be very useful.
But always remember to use your shovel
instead of your flashlight.

Just kidding

Always use the utmost  concentration
on your job at hand.

but don't concentrate too much that you loose track
of your enjoyment

because being a MG is always fun

but always remember your serious side,
put on your game face


Always show the novice a helping hand.

and when the job is done

Always take the time to stop and smell the roses

Hope this has been a helpful tutorial, but remember most
All things grow with Love.

(These pictures were taken by Sean and Kristi.  I wish
I could take credit, but MG and I were too
busy to mess with pictures)

I do declare....I think I spy a future MG
taking her wheelbarrow out for a spin.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Kevin

Happy Birthday Kevin and Welcome Spring!!
Today is my hubsters birthday and of course we
are welcoming spring...but with spring season, comes tax season.
3/5th of my family celebrate birthdays during
tax season.  Improper planning you ask?
Yes, I say!!!
With that said, Kevin never fully enjoys his
birthday, with all of the added stress he feels
at this time of year. 

Just the same, in a galaxy far, far, away...Long Beach
to be exact, a baby boy was born...

 I have posted some of these pictures in the past
but they still remain my favorites.
When I look at Kevin now, I still see this
  young man that I fell in love with.

Nice form, don't you think? ;)

Fishing is one of his all time favorite things to do.
He spent most of his time untangling hooks and line
for the kids...oh and me too.
Now he can fish in peace, since the kids are no longer
kids and have to handle their own line.
I do believe, however, that when the grandgirls
start fishing...he will be untangling line all over again.
(and loving every minute)

The happiest day of his life ..... (ha, ha)

I think he may have some new favorites in his life now.
They have him wrapped around their
little fingers.

Happy Birthday Kevin,
We love you.

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