Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Future Playground? ....you decide ...

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday  
Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Since we are always so short of time at our house,
I decided to have a casual brunch for Kevin's
birthday this year.
Brunch is always fun, because the little
ones are fresh, and we can enjoy each other
in the morning and everyone can still
have their family time in the afternoon.
 I set a simple table outside by the pool,
the weather was glorious and everyone
came hungry.

Coffee and Juice

and a new twist to an old dish.  We sliced
avocados from the grove and served them
with our brunch casserole, I highly recommend this.

We added low cal (not really) cinnamon rolls and pastries,
an assortment of fruit (which included strawberries
blackberries, raspberries and blueberries) to our menu. 
The berries were so good.

After we ate the grand girls decided they wanted to play on the playground.  (I didn't even know we had a playground)

Years ago Sean and Kevin had built this fort/swingset.
Kevin decided it was time to rebuild it for the grand-girls.
The girls think it is a great idea, (actually they think it is just perfect the way it is) 
they don’t know that as it sits it is an accident
waiting to happen.
I think Pop Pop will be very motivated
to get going on it as soon as he can, after their reaction to it.
So they hopped into their ride and headed to
the "playground" (or junkyard...)

  Kevin may have to quit his day job and become
the "wheelbarrow ride man"  or maybe
Pop Pop's wild ride....since Riley says he is not
a man, he is a Pop Pop.

Whatever he calls his new business, it just looks like FUN to me.

We finally arrived at our destination

Oh my, this set has seen better days.  I didn't realize
how beat up it was.

However, the girls thought it was wonderful.

Broken ladder and all....

I know Kevin has a vision...but I am not sure
the rest of us see it yet.
Stay tuned, and hopefully I can post the new and improved
fort/swingset/slide/ extravaganza....

in the meantime, things have been a bloomin here...




And an assortment in my urns with
some seasonal favorites.

Happy Outdoor Wednesday

hosted by Susan at
A Southern Daydreamer

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