Monday, March 22, 2010

Planting 101

Yes, Spring is definitely in the air. 
When the weather turns warm,
 and the birds begin to sing to you, 
the natural thing to do is
plant, plant, plant.
On Saturday, after a trip to the nursery,
I was prepared to do just that.. with a little twist. 
Now, I know that all of the people in blogland are master gardeners and have no need for Planting 101, but I do think there are a few
techniques that you may not have heard of.
Master Gardener, Riley came
over with a few helpful hints.

Always have the proper tools.  It is essential
to have a pair of "good fitting" gloves.
MG Riley suggests only using one
glove, and suggests you put this glove on the hand
that you do not use. 
Use the ungloved hand when
touching the soil....become one with the dirt.

Always carry a flashlight when gardening.  The
color is not important, but MG Riley always
prefers blue as her color of choice.

The flashlight has several uses.  For example: 
 Checking to see if the plants have been
put in their proper places.

and always have a battery back up...the flashlight
can double, in case you don't have enough natural light
you can always use your tool to help your garden grow.


Be aware of your suspicious
of open bags, until you realize what is inside.

A good bag of potting soil can be very useful.
But always remember to use your shovel
instead of your flashlight.

Just kidding

Always use the utmost  concentration
on your job at hand.

but don't concentrate too much that you loose track
of your enjoyment

because being a MG is always fun

but always remember your serious side,
put on your game face


Always show the novice a helping hand.

and when the job is done

Always take the time to stop and smell the roses

Hope this has been a helpful tutorial, but remember most
All things grow with Love.

(These pictures were taken by Sean and Kristi.  I wish
I could take credit, but MG and I were too
busy to mess with pictures)

I do declare....I think I spy a future MG
taking her wheelbarrow out for a spin.

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