Friday, September 26, 2008


This sign said it all.

This is a volcanically heated pool fed by
the ocean. The ocean is just beyond the
furthest palm trees. The pool was about
90 degrees and crystal clear.

Sometimes the days were clouded with
"vog" from the active volcano - but beautiful
just the same.

Peggy - this one's for you. From our
balcony at cocktail hour. I'm on
the left.

Aloha until next year..........:(

Just another day in paradise

Here I am with a couple of friends at
"Place of Refuge"

And below Kevin giving a demonstration
of the fact he really "can" relax.

Kevin on one of our non shark beach
closure days. The beaches north were
closed about 4 days do to our friend the
tiger shark

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Snorkel trip to the North

We had such a great time on our snorkel trip
to the South our guide talked us into a trip North
for a snorkel and to a secluded beach for the day.

We started with a snorkel through an underwater

archway into a small pool. Kevin did it first try. It took

me three tries to get under but it was totally worth it.

I felt like I really accomplished a tremendous feat.

On the way to our secluded beach we came upon

a pod of about 80 dolphins. We were able to grab our snorkels

and jump into the water and watch all of these dolphins

swimming toward us and through us. It was like being part of a sea world show.

When the dolphins past, our guide encouraged us to board the boat, quickly but calmly.

Come to find out we had been swimming with a 10-12 foot

tiger shark. He swam by our boat and was as long as half of our boat.

As he swam by the people on the other side of the boat leaned over to see

him and panicked because the boat rocked and felt like

we would be joining the shark. The guide grabbed a mask

and stuck his head in the water to get a "better" view. Kevin was

also on the verge of grabbing a mask, but didn't. Probably a wise choice.

He probably would have given the shark a scare.

This is what we started and ended with on our favorite

beach on the Big Island. More to come....................

We went on an outstanding snorkel trip to Cooks Monument

We could not believe how turquoise the water was.
It was so clear and the fish were so
plentiful and varied.

Pele, the goddess of fire created this

breathtaking lavaflow sight. The water is

so beautiful because the water runs cleanly over the lava rock.

Kevin got a great picture of this frisky spinner dolphin
showing off for our boat.

One of our "romantic" dinners

This is a view from our table at the Kona Inn.
I was enjoying watching the sunset when
what do you think joined me. My favorite creature in
the world. (or is it my greatest fear?)

He came out at sunset with a group of his friends

and proceeded to walk back and forth over my head.

On the way out I took a picture of a couple

of sharks I know.

I don't know if you can see the turtle, every morning with
coffee we counted at least 20 turtles, as well as eels and
countless fish.

This was a sacred ground being restored to the

left of our balcony. It is said that a hotel was

built on this site but was torn down because

it was haunted by the ancient King of Maui who was

killed here when he attacked the Big Island.

We had a corner room so from every angle it was stunning.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hawaii bound

Kevin and I will be on our way to the airport in less than 12 Hours. We will be having our first umbrella drink (I'm sure just a beer) in the airport. We will toast you all tomorrow night as we watch the beautiful Hawaiian sunset. Aloha. Wish you were there.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Riley at Citrus Park

Riley at the Splash Park

She couldn't stop running around and screaming.

She was so excited she didn't know what to do with herself.

Should I go into the tunnel or not?

I'm so lucky, my parents love
me so much they took me to the splash park.
I have them wrapped my little finger.

Where have I been?

I have been absent from the World of Blogging and it makes me sad.
My computer has been down since I last posted and and that makes me mad.
I hope to be up
and posting again by tomorrow, I am so glad.
I have been able to follow my fellow bloggers from work,
but time is limited. I'm so bad.
See you soon :)
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