Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Leavin, On a Jet Plane....

NOT!!! Stacy missed her flight. We get her for one more day! I think I might have driven to slow to the airport...OOPS!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Gone Fishing

Not really, but I have been having fun. Stacy and Bella showed
up on Thursday for a surprise visit until tomorrow. So I am
off enjoying grandmotherhood.
See you soon.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tablescape Thursday - Table for Two Please

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday.

Hosted by the multi talented Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.
Today I have a table for two, very small
and simple, for hubby and me.

I started with a brown floral place mat that match my kitchen and resemble my curtains.
I think that's why a like them so much.

I layered it with a fun white charger, then a cream on cream gold
rimmed plate that I got from Target at an after Christmas sale about 5
years ago. I topped it with a handled salad bowl that I got
at Tai Pan Trading Company about a month ago for 1.94

I accented with green polka dotted napkins and green water glasses.

My napkin ring is a crazy amber glass beaded candle ring.

Flowers from the garden.

Since I was serving salad a little bunny came by to check
out what kind of lettuce I was using.

He was a little early because I had not yet served the salad.

But I invited him to stay anyway.

This is a romaine and spinach salad with red peppers,
tomatoes, red onion, pine nuts and cranberries with a balsamic vinaigrette.
(lots of garlic in the dressing)

The main course was
Marinated Tri-tip
and a delicious tomato, garlic, basil pasta. I will post this recipe tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by, now back to Susan's for more
tablescape fun.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday - Lord of the Rings

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday

Hosted by the lovely Susan at A Southern Daydreamer.

Lord of the Rings ........

Last Thursday, my daughter was expecting an overnight guest. A girlfriend
from high school was going to be in town to visit her husband and herself. So after a frazzled day of working, making cupcakes, doing laundry, and readying the house, she called and asked if she could come over and pick
some flowers to put in the guest room.

This is where I shake my head and ask,

Do you think you are trying to do too much? The answer
is always the same.

A few chuckles later, she shows up and we walk the yard and pick the
flowers she would like for her bouquet. Meanwhile the kids are going crazy
enjoying the yard and Kristi is looking a tad bit stressed. I suggested she
run home, finish the things she needs to finish and I would tend to the kids. I promised to feed them, bathe them and bring them home tired enough to want to go right to bed.

Tall promise don't you think?

This is where our story begins.

Do you remember the story of the one ring, the precious.

Well Riley has 4.

All as precious as the next. Well I take that back, her precious would be the blue one since that is her favorite color.

To Riley's delight, Pop pop walked in as mommy walked out.
Eagerly she grabbed pop pops hand and led him to the pool.
Her precious were at the bottom of the pool and pop pop was
needed to rescue them. So out comes the broom to retrieve the precious.

To a thrilled girl.

He lays the precious neatly at her feet.

And she promptly throws them back in.

And the game starts all over again.
As I sat there
and watched I had to smile. Pop Pop spent the next hour
patiently fishing out the rings over and over again for his

Now I know you have a lot of Outdoor Wednesday's to visit but scroll down
to the next post. I have to give the grand kids equal time ;)
and you will want to hear the end of the story.

But if you don't have time I understand. You can head back

to Susan's for more Outdoor fun.

Outdoor Wednesday - Part II
It's a Jungle Out There.....

As Riley was fishing with Pop Pop, Madison was exploring
the deepest darkest regions of the jungle.

She came across giraffes, and zebras that sang music.

They were fascinating, but that game on the other side of the yard looked interesting.

But alas no, we must get back to the fun of our safari.

The end of the story is, I did my grandmotherly duties. I fed and watered the beasts
and got them safely home to mommy and daddy for bed. And yes
I think we wore them out..... promise fulfilled.

Thanks for visiting, now enjoy your other Outdoor Adventures.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day
to all you Father's out there. You are our heroes
and it is nice to take a day to appreciate all you mean to us.

This Father's Day the fathers in our family went golfing. I wish
I had taken a picture because they all looked so cute as they went off on their adventure.

Jim - the Patriarch of the family

Kevin - Father and Grandfather

Tim - Father and Grandson

Sean - Son and Grandson (not a father yet ;)

After golf we had a manly barbecue.

by the pool.

Our menu consisted of manly foods:
Big Ole Man Steak
Baked Potato with all the fix'ins
Fresh cucumbers and green beans from the Kelley garden
French Bread

The menfolk were mighty hungry when they came home
from golf so we ate fairly early.

Here's Sean and Jim - What is Jim hiding behind his back?

Oh, that.......

Jim said it was his best Father's Day ever.

Madison thought it was pretty fun too. This was
her first experience though and had nothing to compare it to.

She was teasing me and wanted to tell Mama all about it.

Pop Pop and Riley were having a rousing game of ..... ball bouncing in table.

I think Riley was winning. She is very competitive.

and Tim and Riley enjoyed some quality father
and daughter spa time.

All in all, I think the dad folk in our
family had a great day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Marty's Cloch Party - Do you believe in Fairies?

Cloche Party

Thank you to Marty at A Stroll Thru Life, for hosting this party. I never
like to miss a party so I had to join in.

Do you believe in Fairies?
I do, they live in my garden and every once in a while they let themselves be seen.

While doing a tablescape recently I met up with one.

I pulled out a cloche to put a little cake in to use in my tablescape.
My table was filled with flowers. There were magnolias, lilies, roses and such. I guess while I wasn't looking a Flower Fairy moved in.

She stayed to reign over my table and then before I knew it she disappeared back to the garden. I know she'll be back and I will eagerly anticipate her return.

Now back to Marty's party and Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tablescape Thursday- Black and White and Red all over.

Greetings Tablescapers
& Thrifty shoppers

Welcome to another Tablescape Thursday hosted by the
very talented Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.
This Thursday happening is a real treat, so don't forget to visit
the other participants. You are in for a a great ride.

and Thrifty Thursday hosted by Leigh at Tales from Bloggeritaville were the fun never stops.

Black, White and Red all over
(well just a little red)

Last Saturday my husband surprised me by making reservations
for dinner (all on his own, almost like a date)
We go out to dinner but usually it is not planned, and certainly
not planned by him, unless it is with another couple. This
was just the two of us, and I found myself really looking forward to it.
Well all went as planned and we had a delightful evening.
This gave me an idea for Sunday night. He had
been gone all day so I decided to make a small light dinner
in the yard for just the two of us. We eat in the yard often but sometimes
when it is just the two of us I don't fuss over the table.

So I set the table in black and white. I have a white antique iron
table that I love. In fact I think it qualifies for a Thrifty Thursday find.
What do you think Leigh?

I found it with a good friend about 10 years ago and have loved it
ever since. I think the husband and wife who owned the shop
wanted me to buy it because they made me an offer
I couldn't refuse.
They knew I was the perfect person to love this table set
for it's next 50 years of life.

You can see the rose pattern on the chairs and on the table.

I used a square place mat that is comprised of beads forming the
shape of little flowers. On top of this I used a Waverly plate from Target with flowers and then a black napkin
with a flower embroidery and flower napkin ring.

Have you had enough flowers yet?

And since this was all about hubby, we needed to include
his favorite Irish beer ... Smithwicks.

I have covered these chairs several times, but I think this is my favorite.

This tray qualifies for a Thrifty Thursday. It was clearanced for
7.50 - I love it, and use it outdoors on the ottoman all the time.

So hubby came home and asked me who was coming for dinner. I said You.

It was a beautiful evening.

I used some white bubble glass water goblets.

and red roses from my garden.

The beer became the most important part of the place setting.

The very light menu consisted of
Chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, and carrots with hummus
and of course beer.
Again we had a delightful evening. It's his turn to plan the next one.
I can't wait.

The 5 minute chicken salad will fit in nicely with Foodie Friday.
More on that tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out Susan's and Leigh's

Visitors Welcome - Guest Room Makeover

Visitors Welcome

This is Sean's old room that I have turned into a guest room.
I still have a ways to go but I thought I would show the interim view.
Window coverings seem to be my last purchase.
Maybe because I always want to make them and never have time.
I think I will look for just a simple valance for now and move on.

This dresser is left over from my master bedroom set. The Master does not have enough wall space to accommodate it. I like it in this room though.

I bought this iron headboard about 3 years ago. I have a weakness
for iron. I would like an antique black iron daybed for my office.
I have been looking on Craig's list, so if anyone hears of a daybed let me know.

I need to do something with the window seat too. I will have to ponder on it.

Any suggestions?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday - Mary(rose) Mary(rose) quite Contrary

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday

Today is Outdoor Wednesday hosted by my friend the lovely Susan at

A Southern Daydreamer.

I am very late with this post so I will show a few of my

favorite things that are growing in my garden.

It is hard to have an Outdoor Wednesday event without playing.

Today I have a spin on the old nursery rhyme....

Mary (rose) Mary (rose) quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?

My 2 year old Jacaranda tree in full bloom.

This is actually the first season of a substantial bloom.

What else is growing?

This rose is called the Mary Rose. It is named
for a flagship belonging to Henry VIII that sunk in the Solent.

Mine is a very fragrant and free spirited plant. (maybe a tad bit messy)

My husband says it reminds him of me.
(does that mean I am fragrant or messy?)

My Gardenias, are blooming.
These are planted around the gazebo which is especially fun because they smell so good.

My Hydrangeas are

just beginning to bloom.

By next week they will be exploding.

Someone told me I would never be able to grow hydrandeas here in my neck of the woods, but
after 5 years they keep coming back bigger and fuller.

What else is growing in my garden you may ask?

Well I can't forget
my favorites. I enjoy watching them grow every chance I get.

My granddaughters...


and Riley

Here they are enjoying our local Splash park

There's nothing like squealing,

giggly little girls.

having fun....

Thanks for stopping by, now head on back to Susan's to see what special treats blogland's best have in store for you.
Enjoy your day.....

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