Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Go to your room .............

That's right. I was banished (by choice) to my room on Saturday.
Kevin was at school, Sean was at a wedding and Kristi, Tim and the babies were out of town. What was I to do without my entertainment?

The answer was obvious... finish the master bedroom.
I had purchased some curtains several months ago and had not taken the time to hang them, so with drill and step stool in hand I got to work. Boy does it take a long time to do it all without help. Sean and Kevin, you were appreciated on Saturday.

Between trying to get them level, and hot flashes every other minute
I got my rods and curtains hung.

I cleaned my balcony too (it still needs some paint).
I do still need to purchase a few things but here is what I ended up with.

The new curtains, I love the detail at the top. I know the picture is dark

but I love my new rods too.

I bought this cute iron scroll work for between the doors.

Here is the bed with all my pillowage.

I still need to fill a few frames.

Cute clearance candle stand

View from opposite side of bed.
It is so nice to have a chair in the bedroom

View from the bed looking out to the yard, at night
it is so pretty with all of the city lights.

Here you can kind of see the window, curtains and scroll.

Here is the sitting room. Just enough
room for TV for one.

My new valance. I got these for my bathroom too.
Pics of that later.

Cozy and comfy, I love how it feels.

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