Sunday, June 14, 2009

Too Bad, Sooo Sad.... for me....

It is not to be... I have wanted an island since I moved into this house. Not an island in the South Pacific although that would be nice, but an island in my kitchen. Last Sunday I found an island that I loved at what I thought to be a very good price. I grabbed the LaBamba truck and Sean's muscles and brought it home. I put it in the kitchen and loved it, Kevin did not. He thought it was too big for the kitchen and there was no room to move around. I compromised and told him we would live with it for a week and see how we liked it. Today the week was over and I asked him this morning how he liked it. He smiled at me and said he wished I hadn't asked because he still thought it was too big. He liked the island itself but felt the kitchen was very crowded. I didn't want to hear that but secretly had come to the same decision. If this island had been a little smaller it would have been perfect. So again I used Sean's muscles and we hauled it back to the store. That thing must have weighed 200 lbs.

So my only memory of my island are captured in the
pictures below.

I had even started to decorate it.

Imagine the storage and the cookbooks this puppy could have held?

Oh well it was not to be.

Farewell old friend, it was nice to have known you...

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