Monday, June 1, 2009

There's No One Like GiGi and BaBa.....

A few generations ......

Last weekend we were lucky enough to have the family over for a barbecue. Kevin automatically becomes Riley's personal slave. He follows her around and does whatever she wants.

Who would have thought Kevin was such a softy (I guess Riley knows)?

Well it seems our family is full of softy's. Madison captured GiGi (Delores) and Baba (Diana) and has them tied around her little finger as well.
I love this picture of the three of them.

Here's Madison with her piggies just having a good time on GiGi's lap.

Three generations. My generation is taking the picture.

And here's Riley. She was having a little trouble with her
house blowing away. Better call Dorothy before she ends up in Oz.

Happy Monday .............
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