Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Do You Believe in Fairies?

I Believe in Fairies

It is a little known fact that Fairies are alive and well and
living in Pixie Hollow

A while back I did a post showing the tree by the
play yard that I had plans for building my own Pixie Hollow.

While at Disneyland with a very special Pixie I was inspired.
This is where Tinker Bell and her friends live.

Tinker Bell told my little Pixie that she had been waiting

all day to meet her.

And welcomed us with bright pixie colors,
banners, and beautiful flowers.

It was so much to take in ...

We also found some lovely GIANT mushrooms

Have you ever wondered what was under a mushroom?

Well, we will keep that as a secret...
I don't want to spoil the surprise.

We learned much about fairies....

Fairies are born from a babies first laugh.

No two fairies have the same wings...they are all
unique to them, just like there are no two snowflakes alike

All fairies have special talents
and fairies love their fairy homes.
In their homes, fairies usually have a mirror.
Fairies are a wee bit vain and like to look at themselves often.

Never fairies are only 5" tall.

So with this inspiration I am ready to begin my own
little Pixie Hollow.
Tinker Bell told us she would visit us there
as soon as it was finished.

I have linked to Outdoor Wednesday
hosted by the lovely Susan

Saturday, June 26, 2010


and then FOUND

I have definitely been in a bloggy funk this past few weeks. 
What or rather who
do you think got me out of my funk?
I got a surprise visit from a very special young lady...

Bella and her mommy came to visit from Oklahoma on
Friday and boy did we have fun.

Little Miss Butterfly and I had
a great time starting with a wee bit
of shopping on Friday and an attempt to see
Toy Story 3

That didn't exactly happen ....  but stay tuned to our
excellent adventures.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tablescape Thursday - Hydrangeas from my Garden

I have been a bit of a non blogger lately. 
I don't know whether it is lack of time or lack of inspiration,
or lack of creativity,
nevertheless it has resulted in very little blogging on my part. 

It is Thursday again,
and that means it is Tablescape Thursday

We ate dinner outside the other night
so I will share my simple table. 
It isn't exactly anything special, but eating outside is one of my most favorite things to do. 
Especially now, when the evenings are so beautiful.

My hydrangeas are beginning to bloom
and I couldn't resist
cutting some for the table

Dinner was simple...
burgers, capresse, Greek salad and some sweet potato fries

Green, purple and pink

with a lovely view of the yard

The tablecloth is well used and well loved.  It is a toile
pattern with color. 
Is that possible?


Hydrangeas don't usually grow well in California, but
I have discovered that special place in my yard that
they love and thrive.

Pewter bow napkin rings
and a lime swirl napkin

Thanks for visiting...
now off to the other tablescapes

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday.....Palms, Palms, PalmS....PRINGS

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday and my
weekend adventure amongst the PALMS.
Thank you to Susan at
for hosting.

I enjoyed a lovely few very relaxing
days in the desert recently.
I decided to share some
of the palms I encountered ....

A view looking onto the
beautiful nearby golf course.
Can you see the gorgeous mountains in the background?

One thing you can count on about the desert sky,
it is always a beautiful deep blue. 
The weather was
surprisingly mild. 
Not your usual June
desert climate.
The pool was the perfect place to stay cool.
In the late afternoon we would get some pretty
ferocious winds

But the evenings were delightful
The beautiful jacuzzi lulled away many
hours of bliss
Two crazy palms  kept spying on us

An evening with no need for a fire.

A giant grove of more palms

and home again.

Thanks for sharing the desert with me.
Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Casual Elegance

Its time for Tablescape Thursday and
this week I am calling my tablescape
"Casual Elegance"

It really isn't elegant, but with the mix of styles it goes
from a wee bit casual to a wee bit fancier.

My colors are green, gold and creamy yellows.

The sunflowers, polka dots and plaid napkins
all scream casual

Amber glass candlesticks, beaded garland,
cream patterned dishes and brocade runner are all
a bit more formal

But overall just FUN

I used one green water goblet
and another etched amber goblet

The antique amber sherry glasses were going to be used as
individual vases, one at each plate....however.....
it was a nice idea that didn't happen!
Oh Well...

I think the table has a soothing look,
especially with the birdies milling around.

A close up of the pattern on the cream dishes with
the whimsical polka dot guy on top.

 You can catch a glimpse of the etched
pattern on the amber glass

Birds eye view

A little candlestick action, all dressed
up for dinner

with it's pretty beaded skirt

I love my footed bowl too. 
This usually lives on my

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to Susan
for hosting Tablescape Thursday.

By the way....
A little birdie told me to tell you all
to have a great day!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday - Blue

Blue Skies
The evenings have stayed a little warmer a little
later the past few nights. 
The hubster and I decided to take
advantage of these beautiful evenings. 
So he poured me a glass of wine,
I grabbed my camera and decided to
give the Blue Hour another try.

I started the photos at 8:17

The sun was gone but the yard had such a
beautiful glow ...
still the first glass of wine,
but you can see by the candle it was getting darker.

The palm tree was back lit by the sunset.

now it starts turning blue

a bit more

one more

and then the stars came out, or at least one star ...
can you see it?

Thank you to Susan at
for hosting.

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