Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unfinished Business


You know the guy at the circus,
the one with all the plates in the air at the same time?  That's how I feel  right now. 
Ever since the g-kid's playground project....
no ever since the rose garden project,
I have had multiple unfinished projects
hanging over  my the hubsters head. 
Tee hee.
I am just the observer/design helper 
on all of these outdoor projects,
that is until the hardscape is completely done,
and then the planting shall begin. 

Here are a few of the projects we have going on.
I thought this would be a good
opportunity to get some before pics.

The Rose/Flower Garden

This has been a project the hubster has dreamed of doing since we moved into our house.  I am a HUGE fan of roses (with a name like Maryrose how would that be not possible?) 
and he always wanted me to have a cutting garden. 
I have decided that I will not only have roses here,
but load up on seasonal flowers and bulbs. 
All in anticipation of cutting and using in my house. 
I am very excited to start planting this one.
I still need to purchase a bench, and design
a trellis to cover the old tin shed.
There will be an pergola on the outside of the garden
to sit and sip tea.
Or I can forego the pergola and just lay on that
old chair cushion.

There will be a bench at the end of the pathway

View of future rose garden from yard,
it's going to be 20 x 16...how many rose bushes
can I fit it that?

The Playground

Since the playground is up and functional, the pressure is off.  We he
(he always asks if there's a mouse in my pocket when I say WE,
I tell him I am with him in spirit...he does'nt buy that)
still has to contain the rest of the play yard with mow strip
and fill it full of playground bark.  I shall be shopping for a table of sorts for under the tree for the adults to enjoy a beverage and watch the kiddoes.
They did such a great job on this, I just love it.

Horseshoe Pit

This is the adult playground, and it is hanging out only in his brain as of yet.  Along the fence he has visions of planting grape vines. (my vision is to open a winery so I can stomp on some grapes, but alas, not enough vines.)  They will be pretty along the wall though.

Pathways and Columns

Using more of the yard has given us the need for additional pathways leading to and through the grove. 
One behind the gazebo and one behind the firepit. 
These are completed, and awaiting new surrounding irrigation so they can be planted. 
We will also be doing gravel pathways
throughout the grove starting with 2 lighted columns
showing the way.  The columns are up (no lights yet)
and the hubsters imagination is beginning to reveal itself to the rest of us.

New columns and start of path from grove

Path from firepit to grove and playground

New path to playground from gazebo


We are in desperate need of a permanent mailbox.  We live on a semi rural street...in that it has no sidewalks and curbs.  This leaves our mailbox very vulnerable to weekend terrorists.  The solution, hopefully will be to do a brick mailbox with insert.  We shall see.

Outdoor kitchen

This is only on paper at this time, but I thought I would add it so I could show the space as it looks now.  We would like an outdoor kitchen/livingroom/fireplace area.  We adore being out in the yard and this will make it that much more appealing. 

View from the future kitchen to the pool.

View from the future kitchen to the house

Vegetable Garden

This is the future home of the vegetable garden.  Scarey huh?  It looks like a bone pile of building supplies.  Railroad ties for borders, brick, firewood, the arbor from Kristi's wedding that will be the entrance until she steals it away for her yard.  It is all there just waiting for time and money. 

Pixie Hollow

Of sorts, this is where I am going to hang fairy
lights and have little pixie houses hanging from the branches.
I say this is for the g-kids, but it is for me.
I have always believed pixies and fairies were
alive and well in the gardens.  I thought
this would be the perfect place for them
to set up housekeeping.

Well there you have it .... Unfinished Business!  The bad news is there is a lot of unfinished business  and it will take a lot of time and money to finish.  The good news, the hubster is happiest with projects, and this will keep him happy for a long time, and when it's done we will both enjoy it very much.

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