Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday.....Palms, Palms, PalmS....PRINGS

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday and my
weekend adventure amongst the PALMS.
Thank you to Susan at
for hosting.

I enjoyed a lovely few very relaxing
days in the desert recently.
I decided to share some
of the palms I encountered ....

A view looking onto the
beautiful nearby golf course.
Can you see the gorgeous mountains in the background?

One thing you can count on about the desert sky,
it is always a beautiful deep blue. 
The weather was
surprisingly mild. 
Not your usual June
desert climate.
The pool was the perfect place to stay cool.
In the late afternoon we would get some pretty
ferocious winds

But the evenings were delightful
The beautiful jacuzzi lulled away many
hours of bliss
Two crazy palms  kept spying on us

An evening with no need for a fire.

A giant grove of more palms

and home again.

Thanks for sharing the desert with me.
Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

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