Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cocktails at Sean's

We were invited to Sean’s for cocktails and appetizers right before Christmas. Sean put up a few decorations and got the house ready and we brought over a few appetizers to enjoy. It was so fun and started off the holiday festivities.
His house looked great and

we enjoyed:

Bake scallops
Baked Brie with almonds
Guacamole and chips

And assorted beverages of our choosing.

Sean had the Christmas music going and even a DVD for Riley to enjoy.

 A few of the decorations

Sean and I have been collecting nutcrackers since he was 3. 
When he moved
out he became the proud recipient of the collection.

You can never get enough kisses. 
Madison loves to give kisses

Baba and Riley watching Cinderella

Where do we always congregate...? The kitchen of course.

The Host with the Most

Scallops, Brie and Guac...oh my!

Thanks Sean for the great time.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tablescape Thursday ...

Welcome to my Tablescape Thursday

I hope everyone has enjoyed the most
amazing Christmas with family and friends and I look forward to the welcoming the New Year.

Please join me for this fun adventure in tablescaping hosted by the lovely  
Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.
Today I am sharing a dinner hosted by my daughter and son in law the Saturday
before Christmas.  Kristi and I decided that since
we work so hard preparing our homes for Christmas we
should extend the festivities and schedule some pre Christmas fun.  I am
still not sure that was a great idea.  It was a very busy holiday...but tons of fun.

Kristi set a lovely table.  She started with a pretty green velvet swirl
tablecloth and added some fun elements.

Her theme was rustic elegance and I think she captured that feel.

A gold reindeer candleholder was center stage, with Santa looking on.

She incorporated her green goblets, everyday cream dishes on wooden chargers,
an white napkins with a snowflake pattern.

Kristi is also an excellent cook.  We enjoyed:
Chicken Kiev

Roasted Aspargus

A beautiful salad
and french Bread

For dessert she made us a Giada ..choc brie pannini.  very low cal

Don't you just love the way gold candles look?

Thank you Kristi for the delicious meal, and thanks Tim for being a great Host.

Did I mention we also had Oprah's pomagranate martinis?

A quicky of the food....the salad

and the Chicken Kiev and Aspargus

Now head back to Susan's for more Tablescape fun.

Dinner with the Rush's

Dinner with the Rush’s

Yes, the crazy family that we are scheduled extra activities to add to the typical Christmas Eve/Christmas Day activities. This was one of my favorites. The Rush family had the rest of us over for a delicious meal, that included yummy appetizers, dinner and dessert. We stuffed our faces and laughed all night. Did I mention that the two girls went to bed before dinner and we enjoyed an entire adult evening. We missed them, but I’m sure Kristi enjoyed the adult conversation for a change. With as much noise as we made they each only woke up once, came down to say hi to Nana and Grand-dad and then right back to bed. It was a great evening.

Brother and sister ... Frank and Diana

Sean and his Juliet

We are an eating bunch and love to hang out in the kitchen

Ok, Laurie is right.... the appetizers were delicious

I would like to go on record and say Sean has perfected the
Pomagranate Martini

A quick visit with Joy before serving the dinner

The entire California family was there... and a special appearance from the Oregon Rush's

The gorgeous tablescape to follow ....

Monday, December 21, 2009

We Wish You a Merry Christmas .....

and a Happy New Year.

I would like to invite you into our  home to share
some festive holiday cheer.

The lights are lit so come on in....

A peek through the front door

The fireplace is lit and the eggnog is ready.

The candles are lit by the fireplace with care... in hopes that
St. Nicholas soon will be here

This shot is for Debbie.... I don't have that great
view from upstairs, but I took this from the stairs.

Stay awhile so we can share ...


This is my livingroom is slightly flocked with silver accents.

I started doing two trees when my kids were little.  I did
one tree the way I wanted and then a traditional tree
for the kids.... I called it my "guilt" tree (to relieve my guilt of doing a pretty tree) I no longer have a guilt tree...just two "pretty" trees.

This is my gameroom with my gold accented tree and of
course my parade of snowmen.

More of the gold tree

and more ....

One more shot of the gold tree

Snow men on the mantle

Next come into the Santa room

The Santa's are waiting for you

More gifts.... the gift of

and Joy

Santa's reindeer

and the end of my progressive evening

and yummy petit fours

I hope everyone has a very blessed holiday, with
family and friends. 

Merry Christmas!

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