Saturday, February 27, 2010

Calling Mr. Sweet Life

Mr Sweet Life this Bud's
Smithwick's, for you...

Pick me !!!
(there's more where this came from ;)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poor Pop Pop

Poor Pop Pop .... or maybe Not

Pop Pop came home last night late...he's been
coming home late all week.  He has been very tired
and by the time he gets home he just wants to eat
and sit.  Don't we all?

Last night he came home to a houseful of little wild animals,
or beasts as their mother likes to call them.
Pop pop walked in and he was summoned
by the beasts (or princesses, as he likes to call them)
Of course when a princess summons you,
you must obey that command. 
It seems that Riley wanted
Pop Pop to sit with her and watch her show, and if
Riley wants it....than Madison is
right behind her wanting the same thing.
Poor Pop Pop

He has to sit with these lovely giggly, wiggly, girls.
(One's giggly and one's wiggly)

They did not want him to leave, so they cuddled right in.
Maybe because it was a scarey part.

Ahhh I see a resemblance to someone I know.....
maybe hook

and this was long forgotton...

Lucky Pop Pop

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The "4" Martini Lunch

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday
hosted by the oh, so talented Susan at

"Ode to Joy"
This table asks a very important question for blogland.
What type of girl are you?  There are four choices, so
I am expecting to hear which one best describes you.

My daughter Kristi has a marvelous MIL, Joy.
I consider Joy a great friend, and am
always so happy when she comes down to visit us. 
Well, I guess you can say she comes down
to visit her DIL, son and grandchildren,
but I like to think she comes down to visit me too. 

We share two lovely grand-daughters and a zest for life.
We always have a ball when we're together.
Thanks Joy for these darling dishes....I love that you
thought of me and I hope you
like how the table turned out.
Next time you come down, we will have the
4 martini lunch in your honor.

Today's table is red, black and white.

I consider this luncheon for ladies that may enjoy shopping, cosmos, wine and chocolate.
Not necessarily in that order.....

and maybe like to strut a stiletto or two.
Well by now you know I don't fit into the stiletto mold.

I am practicing my non centering of the pictures...
what do you think?

Okay on to the table.

The heels I shall use as place card holders.

Each placesetting has a different girl and a martini
glass for my guest's martini of choice. 

 I little playing with the sunburst filter

Oops one more

Okay...sorry, I will move on to the ladies after this one.

Here we have Shopping Girl

Here we have Wine Girl

Here we have Cosmopolitan Girl

and here we have Chocolate Girl

So everyone is assembled ... with a martini each.
Hence I present the 4 martini lunch.
(Nice I see my shoes on the floor by the tacky)
Maybe I am Tacky Girl

Which girl are you?

Thanks for stopping by, now back over to Susan's
for more tablescape fun

Happy Birthday "D"

Happy Birthday "D"
Today is my daughter Kristi's Birthday
and I would like to be the
first to wish her a Happy Birthday.
You may be wondering what the "D" stands for.
"D" is for Drug.  Kristi is my drug that I need everyday.
Life would not be the same without my fix.

Thanks Kristi for being such a great daughter and an even
greater friend.
You were sweet as a little girl and you have turned into
a beautiful and amazing women.

Last year on Kristi's birthday, I did a 6 part post.
Here is a link to those posts, starting with the first.

Kristi - V
Kristi - VI

Kristi...the best is yet to come.
I love you and Happy Birthday!!!!

(Wow, I really did a great post last year....don't tell Stacy and Sean
I need to get busy and do an extensive one for them...that will be
fun though because it is great going through those old pictures.  I could
have posted a bunch more)  Scanner here I come.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Legs have it.

I am going out on a limb (no pun intended here)
and posting these pictures. 

Kristi got a reprieve from mommy duties on Saturday,
so we went to lunch and did a little light shopping (Thanks Tim)
On the way home we passed the most amazing muscle
I have ever seen. 
I am a little embarrassed to post it, but I just had to share. 
So here is the picture Kristi
took with my phone from the moving car. 
The things I go through to bring you blogworthy posts......or is it???

Here is proof that Kristi is the stalker and not me....actually it was me....
Kristi was being the obedient daughter and following directions,
I was the getaway driver

and last but not least...this is the creative picture. 
We must make our blogs
as artistic as possible.

Thanks for putting up with my warped sense
of humorous ... or is it the thigh????

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Center, center, center......NOT

Cock-eyed I ain't

It has been brought to my attention
by my ever critical son (he only wants me to improve)
that when I take pictures I always center my subject. 
Well, that just can't be. 
So in my defense I reviewed some of my recents photos. 
Darn if he isn't right. 
So.... as soon as my camera charges,
I shall be off in a quest to get in touch
with my off centered side. 
Wish me the luck of the Irish.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chef is back...

Wonderful Wednesday!!!
I came home to a preparation assembly line and the delicious
aroma of potatoes roasting in the oven.

The menu:
Capresse salad 
Macadamia crusted halibut
Oven potatoes
Fresh green beans
and fresh Italian bread
(very low cal)

The capresse waiting on the table

The halibut hot from the oven

Up close and personal

"The meal"

Can you see the butter clinging on for dear life?

Now you can't 

and one more try with the sunburst filter

Thanks Sean for an outstanding dinner.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tablescape Thursday - Hugs and Kisses


Welcome to Tablescape Thursday
hosted by the lovely Susan at
Between Naps on the Porch.
Thank you Susan for hosting, Thursday
is always something to look forward to.

Hosted by the lovely Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.
Has anyone wondered why there are so many
Susans in blogland?
I am sharing a Valentine's Day Table.
Joy this is dedicated to you, because Kristi said you asked
why I haven't been showing any tablescapes lately.  The answer:
that darn work keeps getting in the way.  January is always
me hellish sort of month with year end W-2's and 1099's that
I am forced to get out....ugh!!!! and then
February is catch up for all I didn't get to in January.  Boo hoo, poor me.

So to show the love I am sharing my sweetheart
(for 4) hugs and kisses table.
It shall have sparkles and pink.  Maybe a few hearts thrown in for sport.
and tulips...I am in love with tulips

If you look close, the apothecary is filled with conversation hearts...non-edible...but conversation hearts just the same.

I am pondering...this post is a pondering post....I have decided I would like a blog name...maybe something like...Blondie ... she always has something fun to say ...but alas I am not blond, let me think............perhaps Gollum... not quite sure about that one either ...
because alas I am a Kelley not Gollum.  

Here is a birds eye view...
Maybe Cuisine Kathleen...but my food doesn't look nearly as pretty
as hers does...
We have our local favorites...
A Sweet Life, Rush Hour, Life in the Hass House,
The Way we Are.... but no, not for me...

I think I will have to be satisfied with existing name, but it is
always fun to check out the other blogs and dream.

Red and pink hearts fill this apothecary jar

Each placesetting has a hug and a kiss...

Look closely, I think someone is blowing kisses

 Some sparkle

Pink dishes from TPT

Smooch on my wedding crystal

a few more conversation hearts

 The napkin holders are my mom's, she
took them out to share with me for this table.
Aren't the little bows cute?

 Here they are again

A view from above

Please Be Mine?

Thanks for coming by

and I hope everyone had a very romantic Valentine's Day

with the one they love

Oh, I think the delivery man is here with a special delivery....I think flowers

I better go check so hop back over to Susan's for more tablescape fun.

Happy Valentine's Day!!
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