Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

On Sunday, Kevin and I had a nice leisurely morning.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous and
we enjoyed coffee outside for the first time
in quite awhile.
Kevin made me a delicious cheese and avocado omelet and fresh sqeezed orange juice (avocados and oranges courtesy
of the Kelley grove)  for
No pics of that because I was too busy eating.

He then decided he should trim the rest of my roses.
Meanwhile, I delivered Valentine's to the grandkids.
I know, my job was much more fun, but
doesn't he do a great job?

a little rose food and these puppies will be ready to explode with roses.

Since the weather was so beautiful we just couldn't stay inside, so we
had an afternoon snack on the patio (again more eating).

and After

and then the hubster had another brilliant idea, which
is always scarey because it means he wants to
start a project.

What on earth...???
He now wants to build a mailbox

How does this look?

So the rest of the day we shopped for a mailbox insert that looks something like this (which I will probably purchase online)  But we had a fun day.

We also enjoyed a lovely dinner overlooking the lakes.

When we got home, a car drove down the driveway with a urgent mission.
My lovely "other" true love was bearing gifts. 
Guess what it was?

Thanks Kris...yes I am sharing.
But are you noticing one is missing? 
I realized I hadn't take the picture before
I had already gotton into the favs.
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