Sunday, February 7, 2010

Here'ssssssss Bready

The Old Gal has been hard at work....
(you choose who I mean)

The first bread to come out of the bread machine was one of our favorites
"English Muffin Bread".
Thanks to Kris we were able to get this recipe.
Mom had it from a long time ago, but lost it.
Kris to the rescue...
and it was as good as I remember

How did all of that butter get on that bread?

It didn't raise above the pan...I think it
may have been a recipe for a 1 pound loaf.  Next
time she is going to double it and see what happens.

After the success of the English Muffin Bread she
decided to make some Raisin Bread.

Again a success!!!

Sean came in just as this one was coming out of the oven...
do you think he smelled it from his house?

Today in honor of Super Bowl, she is making
Beer Bacon Bread.
Da da dun
And so the bread saga continues...
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