Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Daysssss.....

Valentine's Day came on Sunday this year and because of that I feel like I celebrated Valentine's Day for more days than I celebrate my birthday (Kris)

On Wednesday my celebration started with some lovely tulips sent to me by the dear hubster which by the way I am still enjoying today....

On Thursday I had my fun Valentine bunco. During the day on Thursday my mom had her cataract surgery. She is doing much better now.

On Friday, Kristi and I were invited (kids in tow) to a lovely luncheon in Sheryl's home. Sheryl shares a beautiful home with her husband Sal and darling little son Leo. We always say Leo is Madi's boyfriend.

Sheryl is an outstanding hostess with shall I say, some great cooking and decorating skills. We were welcomed into her home to a beautifully set Valentine table in "the cage". Since Kristi brought the beasts it was only appropriate for us to eat in the cage with the beasts and the king himself...Leo.

Her table was in it's Valentine finest with hearts, rose petals and special glasses for our Hef.

Look how cute she folded the napkin and tucked our fork in the pocket.

She had prepared for us a delicious salad, heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches
muffins assorted munchies and of course our beverage of choice. Here
is a link to Leo's Tales so you can get this wonderful salad recipe.

Kristi has a sniffing problem but in this case it paid off.

This salad has soooooo many delicious ingredients.
Our hostess with the mostest
and look at these cute sandwiches cut in heart shapes....just darling

oh sorry, how did she get in there?  Here's a better pic of the sammies.

Grilled to perfection...
As we ate, we watched the kiddos play

Leo and Madi...Valentine's?

Oh look.....I think Leo got a Valentine from Madi.

I think he liked it.
Gammy Donna got one was from Riley.
But the kids were having too much fun in the ball tent.  We
had a hard time getting Madi out.  Leo tried a few tricks to get her out.

Hey, what's going on?
Kristi and Donna
And then it was time for a little (petit) dessert

Delicious ... Kristi's petit fours

I wish I had one of those right now and some
of that salad.  I must be hungry.

Sheryl, thank you for a great afternoon.  I always
look forward to getting together and I hope
we can squeeze one more in before you go
back on track.  I think Kristi offered, so make
her set a date. 
Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day.

Donna and Kristi, thanks for the fun day too.
Now on to Saturday.....
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