Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poor Pop Pop

Poor Pop Pop .... or maybe Not

Pop Pop came home last night late...he's been
coming home late all week.  He has been very tired
and by the time he gets home he just wants to eat
and sit.  Don't we all?

Last night he came home to a houseful of little wild animals,
or beasts as their mother likes to call them.
Pop pop walked in and he was summoned
by the beasts (or princesses, as he likes to call them)
Of course when a princess summons you,
you must obey that command. 
It seems that Riley wanted
Pop Pop to sit with her and watch her show, and if
Riley wants it....than Madison is
right behind her wanting the same thing.
Poor Pop Pop

He has to sit with these lovely giggly, wiggly, girls.
(One's giggly and one's wiggly)

They did not want him to leave, so they cuddled right in.
Maybe because it was a scarey part.

Ahhh I see a resemblance to someone I know.....
maybe hook

and this was long forgotton...

Lucky Pop Pop
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