Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Work in Process ....

"Ongoing Projects"
A while back I posted about all of the "ongoing" projects we had planned for our backyard. 
(for a look at the ridiculously long list click here)

High on my list of priorities was our outdoor room. 
A room that would house our barbecue as well
as a fireplace and seating area. 
Here is the future sight looking from the grove
to the future site.

This is looking from the house to the future site.

and the site to the house.

We were teased early in December. A crew showed up
and began preparing the pad.

and got it ready to pour footings and
the pad.  It also included all electrical and gas planning.

and then it rained and rained and rained.....

Finally, last week, it was dry enough to
pour the pad.  To my delight this big dog

and the concrete had to travel from the big dog ....
all the way through this hose....
to ....

I don't think I was the only one excited about the concrete.

and this week we got a delivery of wood and a fireplace box.
 After yesterday
we had something that looked like this.

I actually got to design the fireplace yesterday, and no
it isn't going to be in the middle of the space.

There's really
no telling how long this process will go on, but
it was fun to see the progress so far.

and so good.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Day of School

My accommodating son is starting school today. 
I have always
taken pictures of my kids on their first day of school
and love looking back at them, with
their new clothes and excited anticipation. 
He is accommodating or
maybe he just pacifies me (which he's very good at)
when I asked him to send me a picture of himself on his
first day of Law School.

Well this is the picture I received on my phone....

I think years from now he'll get a
kick out of this picture...
as for me ....
I remember when

Look out world.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Damask for Four

No RED today....
Christmas is over and it's time to move on...
Oops !!!! 
I do have red, but only as my centerpiece,
but more about that later.

My table today is embracing the Damask.
Do you ever have words that you totally
confuse yourself in their proper pronunciation?
Damask is that word for me.

This napkin ring is from Roger's Garden years ago....the
only thing I have ever seen there for the low
bargain rate of $3.95

I got my inspiration from this cool runner.  I love runners
and use them as often as I can.

My candlesticks are a combination
of various odd shaped, silver Mercury glass.
The latest ones were an over priced (love them anyway)
purchase from Pottery Barn.

I also tried a second napkin ring .... just for fun.
What do you think?

 These glasses are my wedding crystal.
I don't remember the name of the pattern...but
I do remember they were 10.00 each.   I had
never purchased a 10.00 glass before.  Come
to think about it they were gifts....sooooo

A glimpse from above.
I am practising with my new lens and failing miserably.
My daughter stopped by to give me some pointers and
come to find out I had a setting that was not
right for my failing eye sight.  She changed it back
and I felt like I got my camera back....most of
these pictures were taken before the adjustment so
are blurry.

Reflection practice.

I also have the hardest time with light
and dark and settings
for the flash.
But you get a good look at the Damask pattern
on the candleholders.

Here is a closer look at one of my
Pottery Barn candlesticks.

These roses are left over from an open house we had for a
friend who is going into the Army.
I took the flowers from very
patriotic arrangements, bought a new vase and created
this new centerpiece....with 24 red roses.

They were so pretty.

Playing with my lens again. 
Focused on the crystal glass with a candle in the background

And focused on the candle in the background instead of the glass.
Kind of fun!

Thanks for joining me...I am linking to Tablescape Thursday
hosted by Susan
Be sure to check out the tablescape fun.

I know the last picture was too dark....
practice, practice, practice.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

By Invitation Only!!!

Looks like someone had a party and
I didn't get invited......

So sad for me, but it looks like a great party. 

I think I would rather believe I am there
in spirit... another cup of tea please !!!!

That party giving
thing must run in our family.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Up, Up, and Away .....

Our own Superman...
aka Sean
is setting up shop in his new apartment,
 in anticipation
of starting law school next week. 

So I ran down with him on Sunday to check out
the new digs,
and of course maybe do a quick shopping trip
for a few

It is a somewhat large studio (with an alcove for his bed)
and I think he will be very
There's a nice Livingroom....
and a place for a desk 
(for all that studying)
He's using some fun colors

We are so proud of the man he has become...
and look forward
to seeing all  that he will accomplish in the future.

Good Luck Sean !!!!

Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Family, Food and Theft ...

Quick Tablescape Thursday...
The Rush Family Dinner

Every December my daughter and son in law host
a family dinner.
I know, isn't there enough to do without
throwing another event
into the mix? 
Well NO, not really.

Kristi set a rustically elegant table. 
That is she used wood chargers and more earthy elements, but also threw in a little sparkle. 
After all, it was the holidays.
I love the deep reds and that fun green.
Like a happy olive.

Our menu was Italian themed and delicious.
We enjoyed an assortment of appetizers,
blue cheese and walnut salad, Italian sausage with peppers and onions,
a pasta dish and  homemade pizza.

As usual we ate TOO much, laughed TOO hard, and
had a GREAT time!

It was such a lovely evening, darest I mention the incident?

Kristi has a stolen treasured ornament.  It was removed
intentionally accidentally from my home. 

and someone, I won't name names, decided to
return it.  And when I reference "it" I really
should use it's proper name. 

"The Santa Poop"

Needless to say, Kristi was distraught....
I just hope it finds it's way back
home next year....

and so the games begin ....

for hosting.  Be sure to head back to see
all the tablescape fun.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Year Older ....

The end of the year is not only busy with the holidays in our house...
but is also packed with birthdays. 
The Grand-Girls each turned another year older this season.

Madi started it off by turning "2"
It is hard to believe this little pixie is already two,
she is trouble with a capital "T" but just
as charming.

She likes dress up, doing anything big sister does, and being as messy as she possibly can.
This girl is always messy.
 and after seeing these pictures I think I should say
she likes to be naked.....
She has a passion for shoes and dance.  So I think there
may be dance class in her near future.

She thoroughly enjoyed her birthday and Christmas this
year and couldn't get enough gifts to open. 
In fact, she opened every one's gifts...just for fun.

I look forward to exploring her ever changing

This little sweetie turned "3" .  With Bella
3 is equal to 23.  She has an enormous vocabulary, sings songs and
speaks 6 languages fluently.  Okay, maybe she
doesn't speak 6, that may be the grandma talking.

She enjoys chocolate milk, sushi, and
building million dollar bears.

She's a bit of a comedian and always
makes me laugh.
Or is it that I always make her laugh?

Either way she is a character and
always keeps me guessing.

Princess Riley turned "4"
She has changed the most this year because
she has gone from a toddler to a little girl.

She talks your ear off, decided she wanted
to have straight hair instead of curly hair and
is just a little lady.

Other than the fact that she hates purple ... that is until
she got a Rapunzel doll and a matching dress for her birthday,
she is beautiful......

but extremely dramatic.  The girl
can call out for a bucket of tears on a moments notice.
She pretty much gets whatever she wants.

So Happy Birthday my darlings.  You
are truly my favorites.

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