Monday, January 3, 2011


Here is a quick resolution post,
if nothing else it will give me
something to laugh at next year!!

I think Kristi hit my thoughts completely!!

1.  Get healthy, and shed this excess weight.
Exercise and run with the hubby
(he will love that - so that will kill 2 birds with one stone)
Losing weight will not only make me feel
and look better, but
it will be loads of fun to shop for  new clothes :)

2.  Find a church...this one is not as easy, but
there's only one way.  Sounds like another shopping

3.  Patience and kindness to those living in my home.
(oh and I guess I can extend that to all
those I come in contact with)

4.  Organization.  I need that.  I am a stuff person
and my stuff has attacked me from within.
I have agreed not to purchase NEW stuff without
throwing away an equal amount of OLD stuff.
I think I can handle that, since I
have boxes and boxes of OLD stuff.
Kris, ask Greg if I can sandbag that OLD stuff
and not get rid of it until I need too.
That does defeat the whole purpose so I guess I better

The good news is I have started some of these and hope to continue throughout the year.

 Kevin went out in the rain yesterday,
bought 4 racking systems, assembled them,
and loaded them with decorating boxes.  Yikes.

So it begins.
Happy and Prosperous New Year to All!

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