Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Damask for Four

No RED today....
Christmas is over and it's time to move on...
Oops !!!! 
I do have red, but only as my centerpiece,
but more about that later.

My table today is embracing the Damask.
Do you ever have words that you totally
confuse yourself in their proper pronunciation?
Damask is that word for me.

This napkin ring is from Roger's Garden years ago....the
only thing I have ever seen there for the low
bargain rate of $3.95

I got my inspiration from this cool runner.  I love runners
and use them as often as I can.

My candlesticks are a combination
of various odd shaped, silver Mercury glass.
The latest ones were an over priced (love them anyway)
purchase from Pottery Barn.

I also tried a second napkin ring .... just for fun.
What do you think?

 These glasses are my wedding crystal.
I don't remember the name of the pattern...but
I do remember they were 10.00 each.   I had
never purchased a 10.00 glass before.  Come
to think about it they were gifts....sooooo

A glimpse from above.
I am practising with my new lens and failing miserably.
My daughter stopped by to give me some pointers and
come to find out I had a setting that was not
right for my failing eye sight.  She changed it back
and I felt like I got my camera back....most of
these pictures were taken before the adjustment so
are blurry.

Reflection practice.

I also have the hardest time with light
and dark and settings
for the flash.
But you get a good look at the Damask pattern
on the candleholders.

Here is a closer look at one of my
Pottery Barn candlesticks.

These roses are left over from an open house we had for a
friend who is going into the Army.
I took the flowers from very
patriotic arrangements, bought a new vase and created
this new centerpiece....with 24 red roses.

They were so pretty.

Playing with my lens again. 
Focused on the crystal glass with a candle in the background

And focused on the candle in the background instead of the glass.
Kind of fun!

Thanks for joining me...I am linking to Tablescape Thursday
hosted by Susan
Be sure to check out the tablescape fun.

I know the last picture was too dark....
practice, practice, practice.
Have a great day!

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