Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Work in Process ....

"Ongoing Projects"
A while back I posted about all of the "ongoing" projects we had planned for our backyard. 
(for a look at the ridiculously long list click here)

High on my list of priorities was our outdoor room. 
A room that would house our barbecue as well
as a fireplace and seating area. 
Here is the future sight looking from the grove
to the future site.

This is looking from the house to the future site.

and the site to the house.

We were teased early in December. A crew showed up
and began preparing the pad.

and got it ready to pour footings and
the pad.  It also included all electrical and gas planning.

and then it rained and rained and rained.....

Finally, last week, it was dry enough to
pour the pad.  To my delight this big dog

and the concrete had to travel from the big dog ....
all the way through this hose....
to ....

I don't think I was the only one excited about the concrete.

and this week we got a delivery of wood and a fireplace box.
 After yesterday
we had something that looked like this.

I actually got to design the fireplace yesterday, and no
it isn't going to be in the middle of the space.

There's really
no telling how long this process will go on, but
it was fun to see the progress so far.

and so good.

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