Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Family, Food and Theft ...

Quick Tablescape Thursday...
The Rush Family Dinner

Every December my daughter and son in law host
a family dinner.
I know, isn't there enough to do without
throwing another event
into the mix? 
Well NO, not really.

Kristi set a rustically elegant table. 
That is she used wood chargers and more earthy elements, but also threw in a little sparkle. 
After all, it was the holidays.
I love the deep reds and that fun green.
Like a happy olive.

Our menu was Italian themed and delicious.
We enjoyed an assortment of appetizers,
blue cheese and walnut salad, Italian sausage with peppers and onions,
a pasta dish and  homemade pizza.

As usual we ate TOO much, laughed TOO hard, and
had a GREAT time!

It was such a lovely evening, darest I mention the incident?

Kristi has a stolen treasured ornament.  It was removed
intentionally accidentally from my home. 

and someone, I won't name names, decided to
return it.  And when I reference "it" I really
should use it's proper name. 

"The Santa Poop"

Needless to say, Kristi was distraught....
I just hope it finds it's way back
home next year....

and so the games begin ....

for hosting.  Be sure to head back to see
all the tablescape fun.
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