Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

....and Happy Birthday to me...

I always enjoy my birthday, other than the part of being another year older of course, I celebrate the day
with people around the world welcoming in the new year.

I always start with breakfast with the family,
and this year was no different. 
We all met at Mimi's and I was surprised
by a special birthday cake.   

(picture is on my phone and I need to download)

This is a special cake made from cake
and filling not used in the "REAL" cake that
will be for my granddaughters party today.
Kristi decorated of course with my favorite, dragees. 
She probably doesn't want to take
credit for this one...but "I LOVED IT"

Can you believe they even lit the cake,
sang Happy Birthday and made me blow out the candles
in the middle of the restaurant? 
Very embarrassing.

After breakfast we proceeded on to an
afternoon of light shopping. 
Shopping spent birthday gifts
for my grand-daughters and my son. 
Do you see anything wrong with this picture? 
We also got to watch my grand-daughter Riley
get her ears pierced. 
That part was exhausting,
but she did so good and was so
happy to have her new little pink crystal earrings. 

We concluded the afternoon with beverages and snacks at my house...wait did I hostess that too? 
I don't think I am too good at this birthday thing....Kris HELP!!!

Kris did help...along with her husband Greg.  We, Kevin and I that is, were invited to the Grover's to ring in the new year and celebrate the rest of my birthday. 
Kris and Greg always make us feel so special and last night was no different.
We walked into these delicious appetizers
and welcoming set up. 
Kris I need this recipe and it would make and excellent post.....hint hint

Our gorgeous set up

Our charming hostess and host.

Now I must confess......

When it came time to order
our dinner my obsession began.
Kris pulled out these spectacular spectacles
(almost as a tease am now thinking)
to read the menu.

Can you see that they are lighted?  Can you see what that means?
The possibilities are endless....
all I knew is that I had to have them...and
they were small enough to fit in my purse for
a quick getaway later...hmmmmmm????

As I tried to bring myself back to reality...
living in a world
without these fantastic specs ...
I was
shown the beautiful table that was set just for us.

Another confession -
After doing hundreds of tables for others...
there is nothing like
the feeling you have when someone sets a
special table for
Kris this was so special.

Speaking of special...the Mr. G even had a surprise for my hubby.
I can't even describe how excited he was.

Crystal glass and all....ahhhhh Mr. G!!!

and as if that wasn't enough...great friends,
great food, great beverages...
there were also presents. 
Yes you guessed it....

I got my own spectacular spectacles!!!
After games and some very funny
YouTube entertainment it was
time to toast in the new year....

and of course did I mention cake and other sweets too?

Thank you Grover's for such a great time and making
us feel so special.

and as Kevin suggested...maybe Times Square
is in our future for

Happy New Year!!!

and Happy Birthday to ME!

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