Wednesday, December 29, 2010

For the Love of Santa....

Santa's busy season has come to an end,
and after a long night of delivering packages
around the world,
Mrs. Claus in her usual Mrs. Claus fashion has planned a small dinner party
  to congratulate Santa on another
successful year.  Just Santa and the Mrs.
with another couple. 
Have I mentioned Santa and I go way back? 

So this is a post Christmas party celebrating
 Santa's hard work and Mrs. Claus'
love for the big guy.
Who knew?

I will let you in on a little secret ...
I got a new lens for Christmas.
Someone I know (unauthorized of course) tried it
out for me
before Christmas and said it worked great.
I am not so sure. 
I took these pics with the new lens and
I am having a little difficulty. 
I am however, looking
forward to practicing and improving.

He requested I sit next to him at the table. 
Mrs. Claus, always
the most charming of hostesses, always seats
boy, girl, boy girl.
Did I mention Santa and I are tight?

Since Santa's favorite color is red,
the Mrs. embraced the red on her table.
Check out the cute rhinestones in her rose arrangements.

She even added a few reindeer....
since Santa does love his reindeer

Mrs. Claus' roses almost looked artificial, but
she grew them in her garden.

Santa has many names and faces...Mrs. Claus
emphasised this fact by using a set of
plates showing Santa's many personalities

She especially likes him in creams and whites.
The Mrs. has a fear of color.

Santa perfers himself in RED...of course

Mrs. Claus is a fan of lots of bobbles and glitter

Kristi got me these cute candle holders with the
starburst on
them for Christmas...I love them
and loaned them to Mrs.

and I loved the patterns on Mrs. Claus' candles.
I think she said the elves made them...or
maybe she bought them at Kohls.

anyway we had a lovely evening.

and Santa settled in for a long nap...

Until next year Santa....

We'll be good.

I am linking to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch
for Tablescape sure to join in for all the fun.

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