Friday, December 3, 2010

A Servant's Heart

Hand Maidens of the Lord

As I sit here this morning
trying to wrap my mind around my thoughts, 
I go back to the wonderfully magical evening
I experienced last night. 

I have a friend, she is no ordinary woman,
but to ask her she would say she is just an ordinary woman.
  I know otherwise. 
I think that's one of the reasons she is so extraordinary,
she doesn't view herself as anything but a servant of God, a hand maiden of the Lord. 

For the past 3 years,
I have been invited to a tea,
hosted by my friend Julie at the Red Hill Country Club. 
This tea does not only have a lovely selection of food,
music (provided by the lovely Lemonwood Quartet)
a soloist (Calli Dye Schmidt)
and lovely guest speaker (Melia Brock)
all set to inspire her guests,
but is also a mechanism to raise not only awareness,
but items of need. 

This year, Julie chose
(or rather GOD chose, through Julie)
the women's prison. 
Our assignment was to bring bibles. 
Easy enough, especially when she tells you
which one to buy
and where to buy it to give you the best price. 
You can buy 1 or 101, no limit is set by her,
the limit is set by your heart. 
I was lucky enough to be seated at the table with Michelle Flint.  Michelle is a friend of Julies,
who found her calling bringing the Lord to the ladies
(and men) in prison. 
Honestly, at first I thought why the prison.  Why not the women's shelter or underprivileged kids in the school system, which we've sponsored in past years?  Well, why not indeed.  Michelle made it very clear to us, when she spoke from her Servant's Heart, exactly Why!!

So, for the 3rd year I come away with a lovely gift,
a Servant's Heart to take me through the holiday season,
and with any luck throughout the coming year. 
I never viewed myself as a hand maiden of the Lord...but it's kind of nice and as I sit here this morning, I am reminded of several hand maidens of the Lord I know that I would like
to invite to join me next year. 
Do you know who you are? 
join me next year, I can't wait, but
until then join me in being hand maidens of the Lord
throughout this holiday season
and throughout the coming year.


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