Friday, December 17, 2010

A Little Holiday Cheer ...

.... has appeared thoroughout my house. 
I thought I would share a little of the decking that
has been going on around here.
I have been embracing the RED  in my
livingroom this year.

The Livingroom mantel is festively decorated
with greenery, poinsettias and snowflakes.
I am also embracing the reindeer this year (well
that happens every year)  I could
do a stand alone post on just my reindeer ...hmmm
maybe I will.

Oh, and I guess I added some doves ..... who knew?

Love these...wish I had purchased more

and this little guy...wish he had a friend or two

 I even embraced the RED my tree.

If you know me you will know
that is unusual for me, since I have a fear of

But I must admit...I am enjoying it.

Yikes...who am I?

A glimpse

and another glimpse .....

So there you have the livingroom...

The rest of the house to follow... oh
and the rest of the party weekend.

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