Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The stockings are hung...

As Christmas approaches and I begin my last minute hustling and bustling, I thought I would share
some more of my holiday
decorations.  As I look at these pictures, I
am always amazed at how much I love my Christmas "THINGS". 
Each "THING" brings back a memory,
an event or a dear friend or family member that
picked out something especially for me. 
Maybe that's why we LOVE
to decorate at Christmas....it reminds us of the LOVE that
IS Christmas.

My friend Debbie
(when she was in her former home)
always took a picture of her
living room from upstairs. 
Because of the design of my house, I can't do that, but
whenever I take a picture from the stairs it reminds me of Debbie.
Meet Debbie

I'm still embracing the RED this year, and my rich reds
remind me of my good friend Kris. 
As long as I have known her, Kris has always embraced
color.  It may be a little harder for me to embrace color, but
with a little influence from her I think I'm
  coming around, so Kris, this reds for you.
and me embracing the RED

My daughter always takes pictures peaking into
her house from outside....so Kristi,
this is in reverse, since the weather outside is frightful.
Kristi has many talents and gifts when it
comes to anything CREATIVE.  I would
like to say she gets it from me...but she is
her own Creative Being.

A glimpse of the Man Room.  This reminds me
of my friend Peggy (since she named it). 
Peggy is not a blogger, but she should be.
She also is blessed with extraordinary gifts.
You can see her gorgeous home here

This is my Nativity...
owned originally by my red haired grandma.
This lady was bigger than life and I never remember her
with anything but a big welcoming smile and hug.

Nice to remember the REASON for the SEASON

This is my mom's little tree that she brought with her when
she came to live with us.  It is home to all the little
mouse ornaments that we made...oh so many years ago...

Can you see these little guys...??
Moms plan is to make a set for all the grand kids and
let them each paint their own.  I will
be looking forward to that project in the coming year.

This was a tree I won at our annual Bunco gift
exchange many years ago...and reminds me
of my wonderful Bunco friends.

Here I have some random Santa's purchased over the years.

You better watch out....he's coming to town

Every year on Christmas Eve, my dad presented
us each with a hand-made ceramic piece that
he had personally created himself and
reflected our personalities (usually ;).
These were alot of work and usually took him
months.  Looking back over the years of treasures
I noticed they usually reflected the interests of that
particular year.
We do miss him an awful lot.

My cream and gold tree.  I always
say I am going to add some color to this tree and each year
it is still Cream and Gold....

But I do like my little goodies on the tree.

This year, on the day we took the grand kids to see Santa,
I overpaid for a set of ornaments from Pottery Barn.
The 12 Days of Christmas.
The are beautiful though.

and Christmas wouldn't be the same
without a snowman or two

I love mantels, and I am lucky enough
to be able to do 3 different ones.

and they are all different.

So Merry Christmas to all, enjoy your holiday, and
Praise the Lord for all he has given us, all we have, all we are and all we hope
to be....and for the greatest gift of all,
his beautiful SON.

May all your dreams come true...

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