Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birds Amongst the Flowers ....

Greetings Tablescapers ...
What time is it?  It's Tablescape Time...
hosted by the very talented Susan

 Welcome to  
"Birds Amongst the Flowers"

The colors of the flowers from my garden
are inspiration for this table.
With the few hydrangeas left I added
roses, crape myrtle and agapanthus I was
able to arrange two vases.
I wish hydrangeas lasted a little longer, I
love them so much.

I used lime greens, blues and purples,
 a very casual setting

What's for dinner?

A view from above

These salad plates usually live in
a plate rack on my wall, but the colors
were perfect.

The little blue hobnail sherbet bowls
have a little secret...they are plastic

My mom won this gorgeous pitcher
at Bunco last week. It is perfect for this
table and perfect to hold some fresh lemonade
or a nice iced tea.

The blue glasses are scattered with a daisy pattern.

I love this lime green has such a simple pretty pattern.

View from the table to the yard and with
the light you can see the daisy pattern
on the blue glasses.

A little fun reflection

Here you can see the pattern on my runner
and a couple of friends...

A peek at my pitcher behind the flowers

My bouquet...

Lots of eggs for the birdies.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New York, New York

A Small Glimpse of the Big Apple

While visiting family on Long Island we took
a quick trip into the city for a few hours. 
After boarding
the Long Island Railroad we headed off to the Big Apple.

The train ride lasted a little over 2 hours and
then we arrived at our destination ....
Penn Station

Our first stop was ground zero...but it
was pretty much covered up...I took
a picture through a small slit in the fence.

They have big plans for this spot,
but I think it is going to be more of a
money maker...tourist trap.
That got me a little mad, I hope I'm wrong.

I think we should be able to remember
what happened and not commercialize it.

We also had a drink overlooking Times Square
and had our picture taken.
Can you see where we are?

Here's a closer look...where are we?

I was the only one taking a pic of myself.

We saw some pretty buildings and churches

St. Patrick's
Recognize this one?

Does anyone know who this is?  She was
being interviewed.  I was guessing a Sinatra???

It was a quick trip, lots of walking but very fun.
Next time I would love to spend a few days
in the city and do some sightseeing
and see a show.
Thank you to my Aunt Linda
for braving the day and taking us.

I am linking to Outdoor Wednesday hosted
by lovely Susan at A Southern Daydreamer.

Happy Wednesday to all.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dinner and a Movie?

Or Not ...

With 3 little girls under the age of 4 .... maybe not. 
Recently, Stacy and Bella gave us
a surprise visit. 
After several weeks of planning, unbeknownst to me,
Bella and Stacy flew
in from Oklahoma to surprise me. 
Since life has been a wee bit crazy,
I realized I didn't blog some or our outstanding adventures.  We fit a lot in a few days over the Father's Day weekend.

Toy Story 3 had just come out, and we decided it was the perfect venue for a day at the movies.
Armed with Icees, popcorn and snacks as well as Joy, Baba, Me, Stacy, Kristi, Bella, Riley, Madison and of course Uncle Sean (who never likes to miss out on anything) we headed
off to see Toy Story 3. 

We got there a tad bit late so the previews had already
started and the theater was quite dark.  Not so good.... all the girls (I think except Bella)
did not like the loud music and the dark and began to cry. 
So as quickly as we entered the theater
we exited the theater
and instead had out snack of Icees and popcorn in
a circling of chairs right outside. 
I think the girls were really not that disappointed,
and had a great time just the same.

Bella had purchased sunglasses for all of the girls to wear, being sure to
pick a different color for each one, just in case.

Madison was most interested in the snacks...of course
Madison is always most interested in the snacks.

Bella was having a great time with her cousins.

and even Riley got into the act

We did have a few moments of determining
who's snack was who's

But overall it was not an issue

Madison just cleared the chairs...took all of the snacks
and enjoyed an individual picnic.

Until she discovered Riley's hairband.

Do I look cute in this hairband?
Bella thinks so.

Bella thinks her sunglasses look pretty cute too.

Riley...not so much...

But  Bella had a secret plan?

and Riley decided to join the party

Which made Bella happy

Overall we had ....

Fun and

more Fun!!!!

We still haven't seen the movie but I heard
it was really cute....maybe we will try
again or ...  maybe wait for the DVD

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Happenings ........

Summertime is here

I have been having a great weekend...well extended weekend. 
It started on Thursday with a trip down to the beach. 
Patty had her wonderful July bunco at her beach house. 
With tons of fun, food and friends we had a great evening. 

Patty and Lisa

Getting the party started

What's your flavor?
Margaritas and Sangria

A glimpse of the action from the patio

Some kitchen help?
Some great food!!

and a wonderful bunco!

 She also invited us to spend the night so after a marvelous breakfast the next morning
we headed out for some light shopping
(or as light as these ladies can do) on Balboa Island.

The weather was cool and a bit overcast but fantastic just the same.

Thanks to Patty for a great mini vacation.

Saturday - swimming and Sushi with FU and Laurie
Sunday - swimming with the fam and
grilled salmon.

Good Summer Memories!!

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