Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Happenings ........

Summertime is here

I have been having a great weekend...well extended weekend. 
It started on Thursday with a trip down to the beach. 
Patty had her wonderful July bunco at her beach house. 
With tons of fun, food and friends we had a great evening. 

Patty and Lisa

Getting the party started

What's your flavor?
Margaritas and Sangria

A glimpse of the action from the patio

Some kitchen help?
Some great food!!

and a wonderful bunco!

 She also invited us to spend the night so after a marvelous breakfast the next morning
we headed out for some light shopping
(or as light as these ladies can do) on Balboa Island.

The weather was cool and a bit overcast but fantastic just the same.

Thanks to Patty for a great mini vacation.

Saturday - swimming and Sushi with FU and Laurie
Sunday - swimming with the fam and
grilled salmon.

Good Summer Memories!!

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