Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday - Club Arizona Resort

I have so missed my Outdoor Wednesday posts. I have been so
busy and have had little or no time for blogging. Thank you to the lovely Susan at a Southern Daydreamer for hosting, and making me look forward to Wednesday.

Last weekend I went on a 3 day weekend excursion to Club Arizona Resort, in the
sunny city of Tempe. It was a beautiful and relaxing adventure.
We enjoyed coffee on the patio with the added bonus of unseasonably
cool weather. Cool that is for Arizona standards - 84 degrees.

From poolside we sipped umbrella drinks and listened to nature and enjoyed

the well manicured landscape.

Chef Tom created a delicious breakfast for us on our last morning there. His pancakes
are to die for.

And I almost forgot the award winning sculpture on the lovely

premises ;)

The truth is we were invited to stay with my brother, sister in law and family.

This was better than any 5 star resort and I thank them for their hospitality.

Activities Director - Ryan with Chef Tom planning the next activity

Hostess Diane with the Groundskeeper Kasey during cocktail hour

Thanks for stopping by, now whirl back

over to Susan's for more Outdoor fun.

Arizona Nights

Ryan made us popcorn and we had popcorn and
watched a movie on a gigantic screen in blue ray. Very nice. We felt
like we were at the movies only better.

Ryan and Kasey modeled the shorts they made in a homemaking type class.

They are also raising baby tortoises. They are so cute. This is Tank and Uno.

This is their beautiful yard

and their gardner...


Arizona Days

We kept very busy. We listened to Ryan play the piano.
He is quite good.

We watched Ryan crack Tommy's back (I think)

We watched Diane have a beverage. We started out with Bohemiems but
we changed the recipe a bit and ended up with Barbarians.

Kasey and Ryan had virgin ones of course.

and we bought a rug. Actually we bought 3 rugs. You can never have
enough rugs.

And that was all before lunch ;)

Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Leav'in on a Jet Plane

Mom and I went to visit the Arizona Kiefer's last weekend.
We fit 2 weeks activities into a 3 day weekend.

Our plane landed at 4:30 and we immediately drove to see Ryan swim
at a local Chandler pool. Ryan is on a club swim team
and though we didn't get to see a meet,
we got to see him swim in practice.

It was a very large pool.

but Ryan was up for the challenge

as he swam back and forth

His lonely gatorade waiting for him when he was done.

From there we went to a volleyball scrimmage for Club Spiral.
Kasey is playing middle for this volleyball club also based in Chandler. Her gym is an airplane hanger. I think they take this plane to away matches.

Kasey plays middle on her team.

The scrimmage was against the clubs 16's. Kasey is on the 14's

Here she is practicing her technique. What do you
think Kristi?

The 14's beat the 16's 3 games to 1

and then we were off to the house for dinner and a beverage.

I'mmmmmm Back!!!!!!!!

Mom and I went to Arizona to visit the Kiefer Crowd this past weekend and had
I fantastic time. I will post some pics of our adventures.
Thank you Kiefer Crowd.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dancing with the Stars .... Rip off?

As usual we had a great time at Dancing with the Stars at Kristi
and Tim's last night. I am curious if anyone feels the same way as I do.
I thought the best, almost perfect performance last night was
Shawn and Mark. I thought
they were ripped off and should have earned all "10's"
I would love to know if I am alone. I also thought
the next best performance was Melissa and Tony.
My cowboy man (Ty) did good last night too. I hope he doesn't get booted tonight. I
will keep my fingers crossed.
What do you think?

MySpace Graphics

MySpace Graphics

PS - I am the dancer on the right. Ay?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A few pics of Riley

Miss Riley Rush loves balls... all shapes and sizes.
I think if she got 20 presents and one was a ball that would be her favorite.
Pop pop and I got her a purple ball that bounces (I know all balls bounce but this one bounces really high like one of those super balls) and has glitter on the inside. It was a hit. Here are a few pictures of Riley enjoying her ball.

Pop pop is also a favorite toy of Riley's because
he is always available to throw the ball back to her.... over, and over, and over....

Who knew?

Happy Birthday Peggy

Today is my friend Peggy's Birthday.

I do believe it may be her 29th.

Peggy, I had fun yesterday and I hope we celebrate

many more birthdays in the years to come.

PS - How did that vase look in your bedroom?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Few Easter Pictures

Here are a few of our Easter pictures. We sat outside
after dinner and had some coffee and dessert. Once that sun
started to go down it was amazing how cool it got so fast.

A serious looking Sean and FU

Madison, just happy to be there.

She loved being outside.

The Rush Family

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yes, I am cheating and using my Tuesday post for Wednesday too.

Thank you to the lovely Susan at a Southern Daydreamer for hosting
another Outdoor Wednesday. I love Outdoor Wednesday but I was short

for time and I do love when my YTT is blooming.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow......

Brunfelsia Pauciflora

aka: Morning - Noon - and - Night

I was introduced to this bush about 7 years ago at a local

garden tour in my area. I love garden tours, especially when they

include a historic home. This particular tour I went on

with my friends Peggy, Vivianna and my mom. We went to
a home on an acre, that was all formal garden. That is

when I saw my first Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

My friend Vivianna told me she had one in

her garden and I should stop by and get and off shoot

from it. Well I did and it was so small and dead looking I thought no way.

Vivianna must have sent it with love and a bit of her own green

thumb because it thrived.

Now every time I look at it, especially this time of year I think of

You can see how the blossoms are different color purples.

It was explained to me that their opening Blooms are purple and represent Yesterday,

the Lavender Blooms represent Today,

and the Palest Lavender/White Blooms represent Tomorrow.

Oh, and did I mention it smells unbelievably sweet?
Thanks for stopping by now back to Susan's for

more Outdoor fun.

Happy Wednesday!
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