Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Leav'in on a Jet Plane

Mom and I went to visit the Arizona Kiefer's last weekend.
We fit 2 weeks activities into a 3 day weekend.

Our plane landed at 4:30 and we immediately drove to see Ryan swim
at a local Chandler pool. Ryan is on a club swim team
and though we didn't get to see a meet,
we got to see him swim in practice.

It was a very large pool.

but Ryan was up for the challenge

as he swam back and forth

His lonely gatorade waiting for him when he was done.

From there we went to a volleyball scrimmage for Club Spiral.
Kasey is playing middle for this volleyball club also based in Chandler. Her gym is an airplane hanger. I think they take this plane to away matches.

Kasey plays middle on her team.

The scrimmage was against the clubs 16's. Kasey is on the 14's

Here she is practicing her technique. What do you
think Kristi?

The 14's beat the 16's 3 games to 1

and then we were off to the house for dinner and a beverage.
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