Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday - Family Circus Revisted

Welcome to another Outdoor Wednesday hosted by the lovely Susan at A Southern Daydreamer.

Family Circus
One of my favorite comics has always been the Family Circus. I used to love
when the cartoon would show the kids taking all
kinds of sidetracks to get from one place to another.
Riley asked if she could join me for Outdoor Wednesday and I think she got a little sidetracked.

She decided she wanted to got outside and immediately spotted the
broom and began sweeping. It's nice to know she is so neat.

And then she decided to water some plants. Nice for me to have
my chores done for me.

And then it was time to feed the kitty's

Better out than in?

Such a neat and tidy girl.

A visit to the arbor to see the oranges and wisteria.

and a palm tree or two. My wisteria was so scant this year.

Past the bougainvillea

for a ride on the little swing

with a view of the yard.

Off to see the world with cat scoop still in hand.

A seat in her special chair under the arbor. (with her cat scoop)

Check out the drainage hole. You never know what you will find.
and you never know when you will need the cat scoop.

Back up the steps

and home with mommy and sister.

Oopps, don't forget to give me back the scoop

Madison had a good time too.
Thanks for stopping by, and sharing my family circus adventure. Now back over to
Susan's for more outdoor fun.
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