Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yes, I am cheating and using my Tuesday post for Wednesday too.

Thank you to the lovely Susan at a Southern Daydreamer for hosting
another Outdoor Wednesday. I love Outdoor Wednesday but I was short

for time and I do love when my YTT is blooming.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow......

Brunfelsia Pauciflora

aka: Morning - Noon - and - Night

I was introduced to this bush about 7 years ago at a local

garden tour in my area. I love garden tours, especially when they

include a historic home. This particular tour I went on

with my friends Peggy, Vivianna and my mom. We went to
a home on an acre, that was all formal garden. That is

when I saw my first Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

My friend Vivianna told me she had one in

her garden and I should stop by and get and off shoot

from it. Well I did and it was so small and dead looking I thought no way.

Vivianna must have sent it with love and a bit of her own green

thumb because it thrived.

Now every time I look at it, especially this time of year I think of

You can see how the blossoms are different color purples.

It was explained to me that their opening Blooms are purple and represent Yesterday,

the Lavender Blooms represent Today,

and the Palest Lavender/White Blooms represent Tomorrow.

Oh, and did I mention it smells unbelievably sweet?
Thanks for stopping by now back to Susan's for

more Outdoor fun.

Happy Wednesday!
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