Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I think not....

We have started to reap the bounty of the garden. 
The garden has not been as successful
as I would have liked
(we had a bug)
but we have been enjoying tomatoes
like nobodies business. 

Size may not matter in this case,
because they aren't big,
but boy are they yummy. 

Kristi had picked several different types of peppers
to plant and these are actually doing great.

Madison helped us out by removing all the
name markers
for these peppers but I think
we can figure out what we have. 
Kristi has plans to make salsa
so we can try out our variety of peppers.

Other happenings...

My grapes are looking awesome.

We got the bark down beneath the plants
and I trimmed and tied up the vines.

I even planted a Cabernet...do you think
I can get a bottle of wine out of it?
I have plans for a grape stomping party.

We Kevin and Sean,
put bark under some of the trees too.
It looks so clean and neat.

and I bought a gift for the pork from Cost Plus.
We even used it Friday night

and last but not least...
the new
outfit I just bought.

In case of frost to the grapes. 
Keanu doesn't
come with.

Happy Tuesday.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Pig and Me

Years ago there was a movie that
I just loved called the Egg and I,
in fact I should find that movie and watch it again,
because I remember a really cute farmhouse
owned by Fred MacMurray and Claudette Colbert
that I would love to see again. 
I am indeed showing my age now,
because this was a very old black and white movie
and only people my age would even remember
Fred MacMurray let alone Claudette Colbert. 
I think it also featured Ma and Pa Kettle in
their movie debut.

Check out the trailer

It was from a book written by
Betty MacDonald

Anyway that was just a random thought
and has nothing to do with this post,
other than my title reminded me
of that movie.

As for the The Pig and Me....

I love the Pig
aka the Pork
aka the Porkadillo

This morning Kevin got up bright and early to do
a few chores in the yard. 
The family was over
last night and we had a fun time swimming and eating.
The kids were joined by their cousins
and we had quite a few laughs.
(Kristi...I hope you are out
shopping for more little children today)

While Kevin was busily working I was still in bed,
but woke up
to the glorious smell of fresh brewed coffee. 

I got up,
grabbed 2 cups of coffee and headed to the yard.

Remember, it's the end of July and in July's past,
it's already hot, even by 7:00. 
Not this morning, it was overcast and cool. 
Kevin took one look at me walking out with coffee and said...
do you want a fire? 
So the pig, with open arms welcomed us for a morning in front of the fire.
I even had a light blanket over me. 
It was wonderful and  
I almost felt like I was back in the mountains.

I love the Pig... oh ya and
the guy who built me my fire.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Recovery ....

I'm not talking about a 12 step program to recovery from ... you know drugs or alcohol...
would have to be recovery from vacation. 
I know boo hoo ....
but Rock Creek kicks your butt.
That camping stuff is hard work.

I was barely recovering from the June trip when I found myself on my way back up
with the Rush's ...
and boy was it a great trip. 
Kristi took tons of pictures so
you can check them out on her blog
The kids were great, the fishing fantastic and
the weather a bit on the chilly side 
...we were
so busy we almost ran out of time to eat one night. 
How does something like that happen?

I did spend the night
in my motor home "all alone"
one night. 
That is something I have never done before
and it was kind of an adventure (albeit a small one) 
Before Tim dropped me off he courteously mentioned
that he hoped I wouldn't be visited by bears
during the night and that did make me think. 
I slept like a baby however and didn't give it a second thought until Kristi knocked on my door next morning.  I peeked out and she was there with her coffee and gleam in her eye that said....when are we going to start fishing? 
She asked, since I peeked out, if I thought she was a bear.....I said no but the real answer was...........maybe.

So I will leave you with one picture
since a post isn't a post without a picture.
This is one of my favorite
adventures from the trip

and I guess I need one of us

and last but not least the visitor I had
on my evening alone.
Tall, dark and a lot of fun

Until my next vacation...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Official

Even though Miss Bella may not be traveling in
this box her daddy tried
to pack her in...

she has decided to travel to California to see
Grandma, Pop Pop, the California Family 
and maybe a Princess or two.

she won't be traveling by Floo Powder
(in honor of the upcoming last installment of Harry Potter)
but by good old fashioned jet.....

ETA August ...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Can't Get Enough

.....Rock Creek

On our last day at Rock Creek...
after losing 2 of our group to an early departure,
we tried to fit as much as we could into that last day. 

We started off the day with some fishing.
Everyone fished....but the most successful fishermen
were the "Tubers"

Kevin finally decided to try Ron's tube
and boy did he love it.  

After a quick lesson
and a cute new outfit...Kevin was
ready to roll float

The day was gorgeous and the water like glass

Ron chose to fish with Sue this day...so Kevin was a lone floater.
Sue caught a nice fish, with
a little help from Ron.

After fishing...lunch at Pie in the Sky....
and eating Pie...in the Sky,
the ladies decided to have
a relaxing afternoon in the campsite drinking wine
and reading our books. 
That turned into a short nap
(often and ordeal with the limited water)
and then
off to Mammoth for a bit of sight seeing and dinner.

We went to upper Twin Lakes
as well as Lake Mary and Lake Mamie

From the top of the waterfall you can see
Upper and Lower Twin

and we also smelled a photo op

Whoever took the pictures of us (can you guess who?)
decided to
add some extra footage...

We were right at the edge of the waterfall

Yes ... you guessed it, the prankster himself...Marc

From there it was off to dinner in Mammoth and
"Mammoth Margaritas"

A little light shopping.
Marc was looking for a nice swimsuit to wear on
the upcoming men's trip

I'm not to sure what Ron was shopping for
but everything looks manly on Ron.

and a little something for the girls.  Marc
bought all the girls a cute T-shirt.

and last but not least...that night I realized I
was out of water and would not get a morning shower
before the drive home.
Marc to the rescue.
He carried at least 3 of these bad boys to fill
my tank.  I was so grateful, I gave him Kevin's scotch.

I decided next mornings shower was the
best ever...
as was MarcThanks Marc!!!
I may post some campfire dinners...but since
I will be going back up to Rock Creek with
the family...we shall see.  I do have other
interests afterall.

I am linking to Susan @
A Southern Daydreamer
Outdoor Wednesday

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Special Delivery

Someone's daddy is packing up a very special delivery
to send to see her grandma.

I wish!!!!


Before the "Pork" was complete
(or as complete as it is so far),
the family got together for a work day. 

But with work there always comes a little fun. 

The Rush Family
took a little break to have a game of tag....

mommy and daddy style.

the giggles that came out of this game were infectious

and I'm not sure who had the most fun

the parents

or the kids ...

but it was obvious that everyone ...won!!!

including the spectators...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mesquito Flats

Kevin woke up bright and early the next morning
at Rock Creek and decided to fish. 
The morning was cold, so I didn't hesitate
to send him off with my well wishes
and kick back. 
I actually built myself a fire and enjoyed my coffee.

and enjoyed the sunshine

Before I knew it plans had been made for
a hike to Mosquito Flats.  I think
our ultimate elevation was in the neighborhood of
10,000 plus feet.
The plan was to hike to the "Meadow"

It didn't take us long to get a ways up the mountain.
It's always nice to use a photo op to
rest and get used to the altitude.

Can you see Greg in the background with his map.
Yes, Greg was our navigator.....???

Greg had an ulterior plan. 
He had visions of going to
Ruby Lake
which was a much more vigorous hike.

Before we knew it we were way above the "Meadow"
I do remember once or twice someone asking
Greg if we were going the wrong way.
His reply was always the same.

I think we spotted the meadow from way up here...
as he was still checking his map.

It was a gorgeous view

But alas, Greg's plan ran into a small snafu....

We were forced to turn back because the path was
still snowed in.

So back down the mountain we went....
to the

Greg was a bit too smug and never
admitted he sent us the wrong way.

We were lucky enough to get someone
to stop and get
a picture of
our little hiking group.

and each lake we passed
was more beautiful then the last.

and Greg is still looking at his map....

and once again we were twarted. 
Snow as well as a
rushing stream kept
us from our ultimate goal.
Just on the other side of this stream
about 1/2 mile in was the lake we were heading to.

But because the rocks were a bit
slippery and the path was
covered with snow we turned back.

On the way back...
there was a little snowball fight going on.
Unfortunately, Kevin was aiming for Marc and
hit Cheryl right in the shoulder.

No worries...Cheryl is a trouper.

Boys will be Boys!!

or Girls!!

It was a great hike...I think we
hiked at least 10 miles...if not 10 maybe 9,
but for sure at least 8 ....

We did miss Kris and Ron though....
Ron fished
in Mammoth for the afternoon
and Kris enjoyed her book back at camp.

for Outdoor Wednesday.

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