Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mesquito Flats

Kevin woke up bright and early the next morning
at Rock Creek and decided to fish. 
The morning was cold, so I didn't hesitate
to send him off with my well wishes
and kick back. 
I actually built myself a fire and enjoyed my coffee.

and enjoyed the sunshine

Before I knew it plans had been made for
a hike to Mosquito Flats.  I think
our ultimate elevation was in the neighborhood of
10,000 plus feet.
The plan was to hike to the "Meadow"

It didn't take us long to get a ways up the mountain.
It's always nice to use a photo op to
rest and get used to the altitude.

Can you see Greg in the background with his map.
Yes, Greg was our navigator.....???

Greg had an ulterior plan. 
He had visions of going to
Ruby Lake
which was a much more vigorous hike.

Before we knew it we were way above the "Meadow"
I do remember once or twice someone asking
Greg if we were going the wrong way.
His reply was always the same.

I think we spotted the meadow from way up here...
as he was still checking his map.

It was a gorgeous view

But alas, Greg's plan ran into a small snafu....

We were forced to turn back because the path was
still snowed in.

So back down the mountain we went....
to the

Greg was a bit too smug and never
admitted he sent us the wrong way.

We were lucky enough to get someone
to stop and get
a picture of
our little hiking group.

and each lake we passed
was more beautiful then the last.

and Greg is still looking at his map....

and once again we were twarted. 
Snow as well as a
rushing stream kept
us from our ultimate goal.
Just on the other side of this stream
about 1/2 mile in was the lake we were heading to.

But because the rocks were a bit
slippery and the path was
covered with snow we turned back.

On the way back...
there was a little snowball fight going on.
Unfortunately, Kevin was aiming for Marc and
hit Cheryl right in the shoulder.

No worries...Cheryl is a trouper.

Boys will be Boys!!

or Girls!!

It was a great hike...I think we
hiked at least 10 miles...if not 10 maybe 9,
but for sure at least 8 ....

We did miss Kris and Ron though....
Ron fished
in Mammoth for the afternoon
and Kris enjoyed her book back at camp.

for Outdoor Wednesday.

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