Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Can't Get Enough

.....Rock Creek

On our last day at Rock Creek...
after losing 2 of our group to an early departure,
we tried to fit as much as we could into that last day. 

We started off the day with some fishing.
Everyone fished....but the most successful fishermen
were the "Tubers"

Kevin finally decided to try Ron's tube
and boy did he love it.  

After a quick lesson
and a cute new outfit...Kevin was
ready to roll float

The day was gorgeous and the water like glass

Ron chose to fish with Sue this day...so Kevin was a lone floater.
Sue caught a nice fish, with
a little help from Ron.

After fishing...lunch at Pie in the Sky....
and eating Pie...in the Sky,
the ladies decided to have
a relaxing afternoon in the campsite drinking wine
and reading our books. 
That turned into a short nap
(often and ordeal with the limited water)
and then
off to Mammoth for a bit of sight seeing and dinner.

We went to upper Twin Lakes
as well as Lake Mary and Lake Mamie

From the top of the waterfall you can see
Upper and Lower Twin

and we also smelled a photo op

Whoever took the pictures of us (can you guess who?)
decided to
add some extra footage...

We were right at the edge of the waterfall

Yes ... you guessed it, the prankster himself...Marc

From there it was off to dinner in Mammoth and
"Mammoth Margaritas"

A little light shopping.
Marc was looking for a nice swimsuit to wear on
the upcoming men's trip

I'm not to sure what Ron was shopping for
but everything looks manly on Ron.

and a little something for the girls.  Marc
bought all the girls a cute T-shirt.

and last but not least...that night I realized I
was out of water and would not get a morning shower
before the drive home.
Marc to the rescue.
He carried at least 3 of these bad boys to fill
my tank.  I was so grateful, I gave him Kevin's scotch.

I decided next mornings shower was the
best ever...
as was MarcThanks Marc!!!
I may post some campfire dinners...but since
I will be going back up to Rock Creek with
the family...we shall see.  I do have other
interests afterall.

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