Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Little Buffet - Tablescape Thursday

Happy Tablescape Thursday!

I was working on a Patriotic table but alas,
too much
life getting in the way of blogging,
so there it sits unfinished.
I guess it will make its debut for 4th of July.

Instead I am sharing a very simple buffet
that we put out while the menfolk
were building the playset.

Since it was Mother's Day,
the plan was to make it
as simple for the mothers as possible. 
So most everything
was grilled and set out and welcomed by the working guys.
Not much to look at but good eats just the same.

Mother's Day just screams pink so I threw
in a little pink in the serving pieces.

We used our go to menu:

Grilled Salmon
Grilled Asparagus
Caprese Salad
French Bread and Butter

Some pink beverage glasses

Cute and bright striped crocheted placemats

The serving area

Capresse salad

and a bouquet of roses from the garden.

I am linking to Susan at
Between Naps on the Porch.
Be sure to visit the other participants.

Enjoy you day!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Show me your Colors ... Outdoor Wednesday


With the flavor of our country right now,
questioning patriotism and what it is to be an American,
I would like to show MY true colors. 
BELIEVE in patriotism and what our forefathers wanted for the
people of our GREAT country. 
Freedom, Equality and  Religious Choice.

Many men and woman have fought for these rights, and I would like to honor and thank them,
I HOPE this fight was not in vain. 
I HOPE we continue to fight to keep 
our freedoms for future generations.

Me·mo·ri·al Day (m-môr-l, -mr-)

May 30, observed in the United States in commemoration of those members of the armed forces killed in war. It is officially observed on the last Monday in May. Also called Decoration Day.

Since summer is fast approaching  I decided
it was time to get out and spruce up the front yard.
With the drought we are experiencing here in California
everything is a little dryer and browner than I am used to.

 This past weekend I found these awesome cone shaped
hanging baskets just loaded with purple color.

I even cleaned and planted the little porch alcove 
and added my new "HOME SWEET HOME" sign

I planted my planters on the porch

and spruced up the front door.

Everything always feels so HAPPY
when it is planted and cleaned

and even more so when it is dressed in it's finest COLORS


I hope everyone has a safe
and happy holiday.

I am linking with the lovely Susan at A Southern Daydreamer

for Outdoor Wednesday, so be sure
to check out the lovely Outdoor posts.
Thanks for visiting!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Let "him" eat cake ...

The hubster is in love with our daughter Kristi's cakes. 
Click here to see what he's talking about before you
continue with this post, for the full chuckle. 

She always exceeds my expectations and
comes up the most wonderfully creative,
as well as delicious creations.

On cake days we know that Kristi has
something we call caketop and Nee Nee.  The cake
top is exactly what it sounds like ... the top of the cake
she has cut off to shape her cake and nee nee is the icing.
Riley has named the icing nee nee and even though
she doesn't call it that anymore, we are not able
to let go of the name.

So back to the hubster.  He always loves to go
and see Kristi's cakes up close and personal but we
all know that his second motivation he knows she has cake top.
Since he was unable to stop by, Kristi decided she
would send him his own cake top and nee nee creation.
With the leftover icing and filling from her orders this is what
she created for him.

This was just hysterical to me, especially if you looked
on her site to see what she really creates.  She
tried to make it as obnoxious as possible, with great success. 
She even added a butterfly embellishment.

Needless to say .... the hubster
enjoyed every bite.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Do You Believe in Magic?

The husbster and I had a date night of sorts last night. 
We met and went to one of my FAVORITE places
aka the Happiest Place on Earth,

For some reason, Disneyland closes so stinkin early during the week this month... 9:00.  Maybe to allow time for the local high schools to celebrate their graduation festivities, but nevertheless, we could have used one more hour. 

In our short time however, we saw pirates, a thundererous mountain, Indiana Jones and his friends, Peter Pan and Wendy dancing in the parade, ate dinner and ended with Michael Jackson. 
Disneyland brought back the old Captain EO from 1986,
and I remember thinking it was really good back then. 
I am not a Michael fan....but I did enjoy seeing it again.
As always, I enjoyed the
of Disneyland,
 it always makes me feel like a kid. 
So thanks to the hubster for suggesting it,
it was a great evening.

Mickey in all his flower power glory

Thunder Mountain

Sleeping Beauty is my favorite princess
and here is her little home away from home.

Space, the final frontier...

and "YES" I do believe in "MAGIC"
Enjoy your weekend!

I know this isn't housey or foody but it is still
one of my favorites so I am linking to
at Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie
I have never done this before but heck
there's always a first time.
Thanks for hosting Laurie

My Facelift

Have you noticed my new facelift? 
Well I needed it!!

No not a real facelift, even though I could certainly use one, but my blog facelift. 
I still have lots of work to do on it,
with my tabs at top and some organization and clean up of some old posts, but over all

Thank you to my daughter Kristi
for all of your help
and creativity, it is going to be alot of fun to play with.

Kristi has a wondeful gift for design, and
lucky me I always get to benefit from it whether
it be in home decor, creating in the kitchen, designing
 her beautiful cakes
and cookies or in this case with my blog.

So, thanks again Kristi, for all of the changes
they make me smile every time I sign in.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beeeeee Yourself!!!

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday
hosted by the lovely Susan at Between Naps on the Porch

While setting my table in yellow and black this week,
I was joined by a swarm of visitors. 
Bees, bees and more bees.

I picked up this tablecloth last summer at Tai Pan Trading Co.  I love
the crisp yellow with the sprinkling of black bees.  I never
got a chance to use it so I was happy to pull it out.  It came in
a cute matching pouch.

I had these cute bee napkin rings but before
I could put them on my napkins
they flew to the light of the candle (wait ....isn't that a moth?)

I found this water jug last week at HomeGoods
and have big plans for it this summer.....
I'm thinking lemonade, ice tea....maybe some sangria

Aren't these bowls cute with bumblebees on them aren't they
just perfect with my tablecloth?

Here you can see a few of the bees and the fun runner.
My runner is a damask cloth that matches my salad plates and a yellow and white daisy runner. 
Perfect for the bees when they go on a pollen run.

You can see my fun water jug and
the daisy runner in this picture

A bird's eye view

Can you see the bee that landed on my rose topiary?

Morning light

Love this runner... I hated to cover up the cute flower centers

Here is the layering....wooden charger, black charger
yellow plate, black and white damask salad plate
and bee yourself bowl

The bee napkins are edged with a cute black rick rack 

A shot of the placesetting

Now that the table is set is time to prepare dinner.
Any ideas?
Be sure to check out the other tablescape participants today
you will not be dissappointed.

Sidebar note:  I found these candles thinking the sun
design was so fun on the candles.  When I got home
and put my glasses on I realized it was just the outer wrapper.
Oh well, that will teach me to leave my glasses at home.

Remember to Beeee Yourself and have a great day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Round 2 - Mission Accomplished

This post is as outdoor as you can get, so I am linking to
Outdoor Wednesday, hosted by the lovely Susan
at A Southern Daydreamer

After purchasing the playground set (click here to see round 1) 884 pieces, 3 men, several beverages and 3 1/2 days later the Kelley Kountry Klub was completed.

They started their assembly on the basketball court and then moved it to the grove.  I was one of the lucky carriers of this
enormous structure. 
Luckily,  Sean was on my end and I didn't feel a thing.

The menfolk told me if there weren't several pieces left
when it was done then they hadn't done a good job.
(FYI - there were pieces left)

First test to make sure it was strong
enough to carry back to the grove

On site ... a perfect fit

Only 423 pieces left to go ....

A little border around the play yard

Okay it looks really great but does it work?

Only time will tell

Who wants to try it and see if it works?

What shall we try first?  Maybe the slide.

Ready, set, goooooo

I'll try the wheel, it's way too much
fun up here to slide down yet.

I see you

Maybe I will try this slide now

Okay and I'll try the swings

and I can watch you from up here

Having fun is hard work!

Let me make sure the slide works

and the swings

and one last thing... the climbing wall

Yup, Pop Pop, Daddy and Uncle Sean did a great job.
Mission accomplished...with pride.
and I even like the color.

Bella, Pop Pop wants you to come play too.

and Kevin can hang his boots up once again....
that is until the next project.

Thanks guys.... it was the perfect Mother's Day present,
there's nothing like watching the gkids laughing and playing.

Thanks for stopping by!
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