Friday, May 21, 2010


Do You Believe in Magic?

The husbster and I had a date night of sorts last night. 
We met and went to one of my FAVORITE places
aka the Happiest Place on Earth,

For some reason, Disneyland closes so stinkin early during the week this month... 9:00.  Maybe to allow time for the local high schools to celebrate their graduation festivities, but nevertheless, we could have used one more hour. 

In our short time however, we saw pirates, a thundererous mountain, Indiana Jones and his friends, Peter Pan and Wendy dancing in the parade, ate dinner and ended with Michael Jackson. 
Disneyland brought back the old Captain EO from 1986,
and I remember thinking it was really good back then. 
I am not a Michael fan....but I did enjoy seeing it again.
As always, I enjoyed the
of Disneyland,
 it always makes me feel like a kid. 
So thanks to the hubster for suggesting it,
it was a great evening.

Mickey in all his flower power glory

Thunder Mountain

Sleeping Beauty is my favorite princess
and here is her little home away from home.

Space, the final frontier...

and "YES" I do believe in "MAGIC"
Enjoy your weekend!

I know this isn't housey or foody but it is still
one of my favorites so I am linking to
at Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie
I have never done this before but heck
there's always a first time.
Thanks for hosting Laurie
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