Saturday, May 8, 2010

Special Mother's in my Life

Today is Mother's Day,
which makes me think of the joys that motherhood
has shared with me over the past 30 years. 
Yes, I have been a mother for 30 years and I have known of mothers a bit longer than that. 

My own mother is and has been a very
influence in my life,
and we are very close. 
Over the years we have shared some wild adventures...or as wild as my mother ever gets. 
She is a unique person, in that everyone she meets loves her, she is quiet and unassuming,
but has a loyalness that is beyond compare. 
I have known unconditional love
through my mother and father for that matter,
and know that whatever I do, whether she agrees with me or not, she is always on my side.

Another mother in my life is my mother in law. 
Strangely enough, I am more like my mother in law
in the way of interests than I am with
my own mother. 
My MIL and I share the interests of gardening, decorating, entertaining and
occassionally indulging in a glass of wine together. 
She is an outstanding grandmother to my children
and an even more enthusiastic GiGi to her
great grand children.  
She is quick to laugh and quick to love.

I am blessed to have these two wonderful woman to share my life and the lives of my family.

This brings me to the other two mothers in my life, my daughters. 

Stacy is the oldest and as a mother gave me the most headaches as she grew up.  But grow up she did into a wonderfully patient and loving mother.  Stacy is energetic and enthusiastic in everything she does, deeply spirtual and
a great teacher. 
I love watching her explore and teach
all of the wonders of life to her daughter.

Then there's Kristi, who as a child herself was just about perfect.  She is very loving and giving of herself
and always has been. 
Watching her with her two little girls is a joy,
and she has a handful with them,
but she rises to the task daily. 
With these spirited girls, Kristi channels their interests into outdoor adventures, the beach, the park, where they can use their enormous amounts of energy.   
Kristi is a very beautifully loving mother and I see her love and devotion for her girls on a daily basis. 
Knowing Kristi's energy and
enthusiam for life, makes me realize
where those girls came from.

Which brings me to Mother's Day again. 
I have been blessed on both sides of motherhood
and I would like to pay tribute
to these beautiful mothers,
who have influenced me, taught me,
loved me, entertained me,  
and shared life with me. 
I love you all.

Happy Mother's Day
to all of the wonderful
mothers out there...enjoy your day.
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