Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Round 2 - Mission Accomplished

This post is as outdoor as you can get, so I am linking to
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After purchasing the playground set (click here to see round 1) 884 pieces, 3 men, several beverages and 3 1/2 days later the Kelley Kountry Klub was completed.

They started their assembly on the basketball court and then moved it to the grove.  I was one of the lucky carriers of this
enormous structure. 
Luckily,  Sean was on my end and I didn't feel a thing.

The menfolk told me if there weren't several pieces left
when it was done then they hadn't done a good job.
(FYI - there were pieces left)

First test to make sure it was strong
enough to carry back to the grove

On site ... a perfect fit

Only 423 pieces left to go ....

A little border around the play yard

Okay it looks really great but does it work?

Only time will tell

Who wants to try it and see if it works?

What shall we try first?  Maybe the slide.

Ready, set, goooooo

I'll try the wheel, it's way too much
fun up here to slide down yet.

I see you

Maybe I will try this slide now

Okay and I'll try the swings

and I can watch you from up here

Having fun is hard work!

Let me make sure the slide works

and the swings

and one last thing... the climbing wall

Yup, Pop Pop, Daddy and Uncle Sean did a great job.
Mission accomplished...with pride.
and I even like the color.

Bella, Pop Pop wants you to come play too.

and Kevin can hang his boots up once again....
that is until the next project.

Thanks guys.... it was the perfect Mother's Day present,
there's nothing like watching the gkids laughing and playing.

Thanks for stopping by!
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