Friday, May 14, 2010

How to build a Kountry Klub with only 884 pieces?

In answer to this query,
very carefully and very slowly, but with much love. 

There are several ways to build a Kountry Klub. 
One way might be to hire the company recommended by Costco to come out and build it for you on site. 
The second...
My hubster chose the second,
along with our son in law and son. 
Actually he chose the second one and endentured  
the son in law and son. 
Watching them work together however,
was priceless.

We start our story with  location, location, location. 
We have a lovely location that just screams....
put the playground (as Riley calls it)
So we did.

If you water it, it will grow....

After opening muliple boxes and several hours of sorting
and categorizes, the menfolk
came up with this plan of attack

Who wants a beverage?

Okay, seriously...
the correct way to start after you get a beverage
 is to find
a nice shady spot and
read the directions ....

Just jump right in. 
Kristi and I weren't allowed to help
but leave it to Kristi to get into action

Me?  I didn't really want to help
but I did want to watch...
notice the woman in the far corner?

Kristi decided to be bartender and line up the drinks

oops ... I mean hardware

so much hardware....

and so many pieces

Eventually though, round "1" was completed.
The menfolk were concerned and
the question remained was it strong enough to hold up?
Tim volunteered to be the Crash Test Dummy and
dove right in.

and yes it was strong enough.
You probably thought I was talking about the playground being strong enough...unfortunately for the menfolk
that is still in the works,
but the table works great. Ha Ha!

Stay tuned for Round "2"... into the woods.
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