Monday, May 24, 2010

Let "him" eat cake ...

The hubster is in love with our daughter Kristi's cakes. 
Click here to see what he's talking about before you
continue with this post, for the full chuckle. 

She always exceeds my expectations and
comes up the most wonderfully creative,
as well as delicious creations.

On cake days we know that Kristi has
something we call caketop and Nee Nee.  The cake
top is exactly what it sounds like ... the top of the cake
she has cut off to shape her cake and nee nee is the icing.
Riley has named the icing nee nee and even though
she doesn't call it that anymore, we are not able
to let go of the name.

So back to the hubster.  He always loves to go
and see Kristi's cakes up close and personal but we
all know that his second motivation he knows she has cake top.
Since he was unable to stop by, Kristi decided she
would send him his own cake top and nee nee creation.
With the leftover icing and filling from her orders this is what
she created for him.

This was just hysterical to me, especially if you looked
on her site to see what she really creates.  She
tried to make it as obnoxious as possible, with great success. 
She even added a butterfly embellishment.

Needless to say .... the hubster
enjoyed every bite.
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