Monday, May 17, 2010

What came first?

The chicken or the egg?

In this case it was the egg. 

I have a favorite uncle, he is so much the favorite and such a good
sport we have given him the the much endeared nickname FU
(favorite uncle)

He is one of those people that you look forward to visiting with,
he is the life of the party. 

He called me the other day and told me he had cholesterol free eggs
and he wanted to share them with me. 
Well I wasn't sure what that was,
but being the adventuresome type I said

Laurie (his lovely wife) delivered these
cute eggs in this even cuter pedestal bowl.

To my delight, she said I could keep the bowl
because it wasn't her style.

I didn't argue, because I loved it.  Since
the eggs were just hours old, we decided to
scramble a few and see what we thought.

I just loved the colors of the shells.

So the results are in....

They were delicious. 
They were bright yellow and had a very creamy
Being the city girl I am,
I was surprised how much of a difference there
was in the taste of
eggs that are so fresh.
Thanks FU.... we will take these
eggs anytime ... cholesterol free or not.

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