Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kelley's Kountry Klub?

Written by: 
Guest Blogger Kristi
(Maryrose's favorite daughter)

I think you all remember a while back when my Mom posted about a ratty, rotting, old, dangerous, rusty playground that my children, Riley and Madison were playing on.  With supervision of course.  I remember this post well, one for the obvious reason that my kids were playing on a very dangerous "playground", and two because she posted a very unfortunate, awful picture of my backside.  If you'd like to take a look at that post, please, click here and disregard that one picture.  Like you can now right?  After I brought it to your attention.  If you think it looks okay, I'm excepting comments about my rear after you read this post.

This poor, ancient playground didn't know it but my Dad had big plans for the old guy.  He was going to reconstruct, add on, add some siding, dormer windows, and much, much more.  All for my little girls.  Sweet isn't it?  And a little aggressive if you ask me.

When my Dad first told me about his plans, I had a nice chuckle in my head.  I would never chuckle in his face.  The man was dead serious.  As serious as the playground was rotted.  Thinking about this dream playground that my Dad had a vision for, I started to run some numbers in my head.  It was going to be very expensive.  Especially after he realized half way through his project that he'd have to dispose of the old rotting playground and start one from scratch.  Money aside, this would be okay, if he wanted the playground to be ready by the time my girls were in high school.

So weeks went by and my Mom and I dropped a few hints about an awesome play set at Sam's that we had seen.  Dad didn't want to hear anything about it, his project was going to be special, and sentimental.  See, the old rotted guy, he built with my brother. 
Please take a second to shed a tear and grab a tissue,
I'll continue when you return.

Okay thanks for getting ahold of yourselves.  You big ninnies.  So this past Sunday, Tim and I were making a Costco run and so were my Mom and Dad.  We ran into each other. 
This was so meant to be, I swear.

Up and down a few aisles we went when Riley spotted an amazing, out of this world playground.  "Pop Pop!!!!!   Look!!!  Look at that playground!!"  Squeal, squeal, smile from ear to ear. 
Pop Pop is so weak,
he and my Mom took Riley over to take a look at the playground,
just to take a look...

Tim and I continued to do some shopping when we joined the others that were still at the playground for some reason.  I wonder why they were still over there.  When we walked up this is the convo that we heard about the pros and cons of the playground.  To actually hear that he was contemplating buying this playground was a shock to me.

Mom: "Okay Kevin, what is it about it that you don't like?"
Dad: "I'm not sure I like that part right there."
Riley:  Interrupts my Dad mid sentence..."I do, I do, I like that part right there!!!"


To make sure we sealed the deal, Tim and I
searched our wallets for what little cash we had to contribute to the purchase.  It was not much but just knowing that everyone wanting it so bad was enough for my Dad to buy it.

Now, we have a big, big project on our hands.  This puppy takes 6 men to put it together.  My Mom and I can be considered men and with Tim, Sean, and my Dad, I think we can get that baby up and running soon.  Riley asks me everyday if the playground that Gwamom and Pop Pop are going to build for her is done yet.  She can't wait.

Here I'll take you through the day after Costco and the big purchase...

The Purchase....how many boxes?
(as we were walking out the door of Costco with our new purchase we were approached
by someone who had purchased this "Country Club" last week and told us how many
parts it had.  I think she was telling us to return it.)

The contractor


and his assistant

the tools

the planning

the site

 the laborers

the view from the crow's nest

the plan of attack

the test run
to make sure the equipment is in fine working condition

we don't need no stinkin playground
when we have daddy, pop pop and uncle sean

stay tuned for the progress

The best is yet to come.

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I think my camera has caught something from Genn's
camera...it will be going to the camera doctor
this week.  These pictures are
a bit on the blurry side....sorry!!

I would like to thank my guest blogger Kristi for contributing to this post
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