Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Show me your Colors ... Outdoor Wednesday


With the flavor of our country right now,
questioning patriotism and what it is to be an American,
I would like to show MY true colors. 
BELIEVE in patriotism and what our forefathers wanted for the
people of our GREAT country. 
Freedom, Equality and  Religious Choice.

Many men and woman have fought for these rights, and I would like to honor and thank them,
I HOPE this fight was not in vain. 
I HOPE we continue to fight to keep 
our freedoms for future generations.

Me·mo·ri·al Day (m-môr-l, -mr-)

May 30, observed in the United States in commemoration of those members of the armed forces killed in war. It is officially observed on the last Monday in May. Also called Decoration Day.

Since summer is fast approaching  I decided
it was time to get out and spruce up the front yard.
With the drought we are experiencing here in California
everything is a little dryer and browner than I am used to.

 This past weekend I found these awesome cone shaped
hanging baskets just loaded with purple color.

I even cleaned and planted the little porch alcove 
and added my new "HOME SWEET HOME" sign

I planted my planters on the porch

and spruced up the front door.

Everything always feels so HAPPY
when it is planted and cleaned

and even more so when it is dressed in it's finest COLORS


I hope everyone has a safe
and happy holiday.

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