Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rock Creek Adventure Tours ....

Who knew I could have so much fun?

Kevin and I headed up to the High Sierras,
between Bishop and Mammoth, about 10,000 feet
up the mountain,
past Schatz Bakery
(actually past Schatz after stopping for some goodies)
to a favorite little slice of heaven. 

Our campground,
East Fork,
was our destination for a few days of fun with friends. 
We were lucky enough to have 3 other couples join in the adventure and from the sign,
it looks like a little competition too. 

As we all began arriving, and almost before their camp was set up, Kris pulled out her trusty chalkboard .....

We could always count on her to
give us the news of the day and of course
which camp would host the bonfire that evening.

For some, it was the first visit
to the campground.  Of course a little
exploration was in order. 
Kevin on the other hand,
started coming to East Fork as a kid....
so he
headed off to throw his hook in the creek.

Can you see him in the distance?

The water was extremely high and the creek was
running faster that normal. 
Be careful!!!

Marc was always around to
look after Cheryl.  This was
Cheryl's first time camping and fishing so
Marc was extra attentive....we do want
her to love it and want to come back.
Was he saving her or trying to push her in?
Hard to tell in this picture.

Greg said, Kevin looks like he is right
out of an L.L. Bean catalog.

Marc and Cheryl on their way to our first
evening bonfire at the Moore's
(Taco and Margarita Night)

This was just the first peek into a weekend of fun
and some beautiful scenery.
Almost just a tease....
because I haven't even taken you outside
the campground yet.

Friday, June 17, 2011

It's a Jungle out there!!!

My daughter Kristi and I recently
hosted a baby shower for our good friend
Sheryl and her husband
Sal are expecting a little brother for their small son Leo.

Taking our inspiration from the jungle bedding
Sheryl has chosen for Aidan's new
room we designed her party.

We loved the bright fresh colors that are
so popular right now and decided to
stay away from the baby pastels...
it was great fun!

Oranges, turquoise, yellow and greens...all
anchored with brown.  Very boy but very bright.

We served luncheon and each dish was named with our jungle theme.


Blazing Safari Salad (Lime Cilantro Salad)
Crocodile Smile Sandwiches (Chicken salad on Croissants)
Jungle Vine Surprise (Capresse Salad)
Piranha Bites (Pesto Pasta Salad)
Wild Passion Fruit (Fruit Platter)
Jungle Juice (Sangria)
Tiger Tail Tea (Stone Gable Tea)

Kristi made these darling cards to
identify the food,
using the graphics from the invitations
she designed.

The food was so pretty and good, but after making
everything ourselves we were beginning to think
catering may be the answer for next time.

Kristi made the cake and cookies too.
The cake was absolutely adorable as well as
One tier was lemon cake with citrus cream cheese filling and one tier was cookies and cream cake with chocolate mousse filling.
It was hard to decide which one to choose
so most people had a bit of each.

The cookies were decorated with
animal print icing...too cute!!
We used these as favors and the
colors matched our tables.

We used receiving blankets as toppers on the tables,
tying in all of our colors. 
We had this idea several years ago and
it's nice because the decoration
becomes part of Sheryl's gift.  She got
to take home all of the blankets and animals on the tables.

  I'm a sucker for a paper lantern of any color, shape or size.
They always say party to me.

Aren't these colors happy?

and these little stuffed animals were the perfect colors.

We tied each chair with an cheetah print ribbon to give it
a uniform look.  Love this ribbon.

We even swung a vine by her seat and hung
little outfits on it.  
They also became decoration as well as gift.

After working so hard on this shower...
we realized we ran out of
time to really take some good pictures. 
I can't believe we didn't
get a picture of the guest of honor.
You know you're having a good
time when you forget to take pictures
during the event.
Maybe we can talk Sheryl's mom Donna into sending us a couple of Sheryl.

I think Aidan is due any day....
so we are wishing Sheryl
a happy and healthy delivery

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mr. Pig has a Party ...

Mr. Pig had decided that the Porkadillo
was ready enough to
accept visitors...
so he planned a small dinner party.

My friend Kris'  birthday is in March
and since
March is the craziest part of tax season
I can never seem to get my act together
enough to have her
and her husband for birthday dinner.

Mr. Pig has come up with a solution...
Mrs. Grover's birthday in June....
lovely idea I thought.
So our first official party in the "Pork"
was to celebrate Kris' 29th birthday.

Mr. Pig insisted I do it up right and decorate the space.
You don't have to ask me to decorate for a
party twice...

so in keeping with the colors of my seating area,
I used brown, tan, aqua and a bit of
goldish yellow.
(what is that color called?)
Maybe I should call it sunflower!

which I love

Mr and Mrs Grover came bearing gifts for the Porkadillo.
Their gift couldn't have been more perfect.
I love, love, love it and
he now has a place of honor on the hearth.

Kris loves sunflowers so I chose
a sunflower theme for the table.

The wood look of this table is so pretty 
 I hated to cover it up
so I used a scarf as a runner
and went with place mats instead of a

I had also picked up these candle holders and in keeping
with a more earthy look, filled them full of rocks.

 I used an old pitcher with a great patina as my vase.
Mr. Pig was in agreement that it
made a great pitcher...that is until it started leaking
all over everything.
We fixed that by putting a pitcher inside a pitcher.
He thought I was very clever to do that.

I also pulled out my aqua water goblets.

  I love these place mats,
they called to me when I was in our new
TJ Maxx

So there I was already for guests and only
the food to prepare.

The menu:

Roasted Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce

Carne Asada
Guacamole and Salsa
Mexican Capresse Salad
Spanish Rice
Lime and Chipotle Salad
Grilled Corn with Roasted Peppers
Fresh Strawberries and Blueberries

I needed something for the (unfinished) mantel
so Senor Pig
(since the dinner had a Mexican flair
he wanted to be called senor)
came up with a great idea.
These are citronella candles that he put in glass vases.  I
helped him fill them with some left over rocks
and aqua stones.
I loved the look, and Senor Pig was tickled that
I was pleased

So I would have to say our first event was a success.

I hope the birthday girl agrees. 

We had
a splendid evening of relaxation with friends,
food and drinks
all in front of a cozy fire.

I know Senor Pig enjoyed himself...

and now he has
a new friend to keep him company.

until next time...Senor Pig says


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Update on the Pork

Every weekend we work like crazies and every
Monday morning
Kevin and I take our coffee
and walk the yard to view our progress. 

Funny thing... Sunday night as we both sit in our chairs and feel
the aches and pains of the weekend work,
talking about all we have gotten done....

Monday morning shows us all we still have left to do.  
We are definitely crazies.

We have made a bit of progress on
the Porkadillo however.

1.  The fireplace is bricked and fire ready. 
The mantel still has to be distressed and stained,
but we enjoyed our first fire Monday night.

Mr. Kelley toasted the fire with a glass of 21 year old
Glen Levitt...courtesy of the Rush's
Tim and Kristi...he loves it!!!!

2.  We have installed the new weather vane,
which my mother in law
fondly refers to as "Mr. Pig" 
We are
still trying to come up with a clever name. 
Can you tell which picture is the weather vane?

This guy just makes me laugh every time I look up

as does this guy

3.  We have hung the lanterns on the
front posts and actually
lit candles in them

Very precisely

and some of us just think they look like
a nice pair of earrings

4.  We have...and when I say
I mean everyone  ...Sean
and Kevin in this case, have installed the TV

5.  We swept up a little and actually
brought in the seating area and table. 
We even went as far to have a meal at it....
our first of many

WE had our first tidbit from the garden.....

Everyone helped in one way or another

every chance they got...

and of course dusted....

We have several more things
to do before the official unveiling

But for now we are enjoying the Pork
in all his glory...

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